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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Welcoming The Sugar Kettle Cafe to Town

We recently welcomed a new cafe to Bay Minette.  The opening was much anticipated, as we watched through the windows the revitalization of the space that has been home to many businesses over the years.  It had been plagued with roof problems in recent years, and these folks went to work repairing and decorating the property with a recycled, industrial, and chic vibe.  It's just my style- I love what they've done with the space, so I wanted to share it with you here.  

Oh, the food isn't bad either!  If really good home-style cooking (with some special touches thrown in) sounds good to you, you will want to pay them a visit.  I have had the pleasure to dine at the cafe ten or twelve times during the last month, enough times that I've developed favorites.  Tuesday is my favorite lunch day, with the special being Chicken & Dressing, and oh my goodness, it's good! Sunday Brunch seems to be becoming a tradition for us...Hubby and I have really enjoyed sampling the many specials offered during brunch.  My favorite is the Caramel Soaked French Toast...Yes, it's as good as it sounds.  Paired with a cup of seasonal fruit and some salty and smoky bacon, it can't be beat.  I'm already looking forward to Sunday!  (Oh, and Tuesday, too!)

The Sugar Kettle Cafe is located on North Hoyle Avenue in Old Town Bay Minette, near courthouse square.  They serve breakfast and lunch, Monday through Friday and Sunday. They are closed on Saturdays.

Breakfast is served!

Please wait here to be seated...where you will soon be greeted by a friendly face and shown to your table.  

Meet Cheryl, one of the owners, and my new friend.  Michelle, the other owner, wasn't working this location on Friday when I visited.  If I had to guess, I would say that she was most probably cooking lunch at the Daphne location.  You can read more about the Sugar Kettle ladies here.

This tempting dessert display sits on the table right at the front entrance...It sort of gets stuck in your mind on your way in when you innocently glance over at it- in such a way that you just can't say "no" when they ask if you would like dessert.  Since we're on the subject of desserts, I should take this opportunity to recommend either the triple berry cobbler or the peach cobbler.  Both come with a scoop of ice cream, but it's also great without it.

Shown below is the back dining room, with the painted vintage bead board ceiling and stained concrete floors.  Coastal inspired artwork painted by a local artist lines the walls, alongside the menu board with the special and features of the day.

This cozy table is tucked into the back corner of the dining room against the exposed vintage brick wall.  

And, this round table is encircled with high bar stools, so that you can get a good view over the lunch crowd, because you know how small towns are...you just need to know who's coming and going.  Look at those exposed beams up there and those cool reflections on the wall from the light.

Sitting at the table, waiting for my lunch date...

...and, looking over the menu.

My sweet hubby shows up and contemplates the special of the day on the board.

This visit was for lunch last Friday.  John had the Country Fried Steak and I had Fried Fish.  The coleslaw is very unusual- you know the kind of dish where you taste it and ask yourself, "What is that?" and try to figure out what's in it?...It was a little sweet, a little tart...some of the best I've ever tasted...definitely a Sugar Kettle original.

If you wish, you can call in and order a plate to go, or place your order to go at the counter. They even keep a reserved parking space in front for that purpose, so that you can quickly run in and grab your lunch.  Originally, they had charged a .25 cent up-charge for orders to go.  That practice has been recently dismissed, so you can now get your lunch for the menu price, just as if you were eating in.

The front dining room filling up with the lunch crowd...

They also cater.  Why cook when you can feed a crowd with their yummy food?  I think I'll let them cook my Thanksgiving meal for me.  That way, I can spend more time with the family.  They have special menus available that can be picked up in the cafe or viewed online at The Sugar Kettle Cafe website.

And, I have some exciting news to report!!!  Cheryl shared with me a new program that will kick off next week- a frequent diner's card!  Buy ten meals and the next one is free. How great is that?  So, whenever you find yourself at The Sugar Kettle Cafe, be sure to ask for yours so that you can get started working toward your free meal. 

If you read my blog and are local, you have probably already dined at The Sugar Kettle Cafe, but if you are not from Bay Minette, let me encourage you to plan a visit.  We have some exciting things going on here in North Baldwin County.  To see what's on the calendar, visit our North Baldwin Chamber's website (link here) and when you plan your trip, be sure to include this great little cafe.  You will be glad you did, and don't forget to tell them Judy sent you!  


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