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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Our Pitiful Neglected Yard Gets a Makeover- Part Two

Note:  This post was written Saturday, September 27th, and scheduled to post today.  If you missed the "before" post yesterday, it can be viewed here.

So, as planned, we worked in the yard today.

I was going to take up the side walkway to the front door, but changed my mind- it's just tooooo much work to redo that now.  Maybe next year...

It does look a little better now than what I shared in the last post, so I must be making progress!  

I added some fountain grass in two urns at the end of the main walkway...I'm liking the way they frame the sidewalk, and the colors are good for fall...

...and, I set out all of my little plants that I bought a couple of days ago.

I need to go get a real pumpkin to put where the fake one is currently hanging out...just pretend with me for a minute.

And, I was about to put the little rabbit away into storage, but then I thought, "Why?"...He could be so happy living among those little cabbages- 

So, here he is.  He doesn't have to hop far to find something to nibble...I just hope the real ones stay in the woods.

Doesn't he look happy?

Here are some close-up shots of the actual plants that I used...I've always wanted to use the ornamental cabbages, but just never have until now.  I must say, I'm pleased.

Dusty Miller is a good companion plant for the cabbages...It is a really nice soft gray that plays well with the colors of the cabbages.

And, here's a detail shot of the gorgeous flaming colors of the nandina that I transplanted. It just screams, "FALL"...

That's it for the front yard progress.  I did play a little in the back yard, too.

See my gorgeous beloved fountain?  It has been broken all summer long.  We usually keep it running all the time, but back in the spring we had a storm that caused the power to flicker. It did something to the fountain pump and hubby has not had time to work on it until today. I've missed the soothing sound, the trickle of the water streaming down from one level to the next- the silence was deafening when it stopped.  I'm very happy to have it working again! It's special to me, not only because it creates that pleasant atmosphere, but also because it was my Mother's Day gift years ago from hubby and my son.  Yes, I love my fountain.

I also added some mums to the back patio area, just off the porch.

This one is larger than it looks- it's in a huge clay pot and the mum is just about to burst open with pretty yellow flowers!

...and, I put this one in a vintage crock....Yes, I also have fake pumpkins hanging out in the backyard, too.  It's just a temporary thing though...I'm impatient and couldn't wait to share it with you!

This is the entrance to the patio from the yard.  When I built the terraced patio with salvaged brick (from our home in Virginia) and flagstone, I had a few pieces left over, which I decided to use for walkways.  This one was put down in a very random way, but I like it.  It serves as a transitions to the pea gravel driveway.

And, after working hard all morning, it was nap time for hubby and the cats... I just came inside to blog a little.

I've had a great Saturday, and I hope you have, too.  


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  2. Judy, wonderful changes! I'm doing some of the same things! Love the bunny - I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,