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Monday, September 29, 2014

Our Pitiful Neglected Yard Gets a Makeover

Note:  This post was written on Friday, September 26th, and scheduled to post today, the 29th.  Part two will post tomorrow.

This cooler fall weather has beckoned me outside to work in the yard.  We have neglected our poor yard the last couple of years, and that tends to kill plants!! Hubby and I have both been so busy that the yard work just took a back seat.  Now that things have settled a bit, I've begun to pull out plantings that have no hope of coming back and I've moved other plants from one place to another in the yard.  One thing usually leads to another, and this project was no exception...I've now torn up the entire front yard, just outside the porch.  I didn't take a "before" picture, because this wasn't supposed to happen...I was just going to move a few things...Oh well.  

I pulled EVERYTHING up except for the three boxwood shrubs in front of the porch and the two gigantic tall podocarpuses at the sides of the big window (to the right).  I moved (my hurting shoulder is never going to get any better if I keep doing this kind of thing!) the bird bath from another side yard to this area, and added the salvaged plants (nandinas and rosemary) around it. Now it looks like this...

I like the pretty reds in the nandinas during this time of year.  They make a nice contrast to the boxwood.  It's coming together now- just needs some seasonal plants to complete the look.

So, I went shopping and purchased some dusty miller and two different varieties of ornamental cabbage.  I think this will do the trick!

I plan to pull up the side brick pathway and put down some flagstone, and I will enlarge it a bit while I'm at it.  That's on the agenda for this weekend....

Stay tuned!  I'll share the finished project next post.


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