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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Do Things Just Keep Changing Colors Around Here?

Maybe you noticed the blue chairs, down there at the bottom of the library ladder?  Did you notice that they had changed colors?

They were black...and, you're probably like most people who visit, wondering, "Do things just keep changing colors around here?"  

I can't find a good pic, but here in the bottom corner, you can see them when they were black.

The answer to that question is, yes.  Things do change colors around here frequently...I can't help it.  I like change.  And, I always think, "This is it- really!"...Right.

These chairs are great, so I just keep painting them as my decor changes.  When I bought them at auction, they were painted in a green and blue technique that's hard to explain, but it was pretty. Then they changed to black to go with that Pottery Barn thing that I had going on.  And, now they are a pretty coastal kind of blue chalk paint.  What I love about the chairs is that they have rush bottoms, and they are very casual and comfortable, so, I will probably be good with them from now on.

About the paint that I used....It was recycled paint, plus a little of this and a little of that.

We recently purchased a rental house.  In the garage was a can of paint that the previous homeowner had used in one of the rooms.  We changed all of the colors to neutrals since it is a rental unit, and so I brought this paint home to use in a future project.  It was actually a gallon of tinted KILZ 2 primer.  It was a turquoise color, and  I thought if I added some white to it, and tweaked on the color a little,  it could be perfect for the chairs.  I wanted chalk paint, so I just added some plaster of Paris to the mix and it worked fine!  Since it was a primer, I wasn't too worried about good adhesion- (I was painting on top of spray paint.) Here are a couple of pics of the process.

After the first coat...I knew it would take at least three coats to cover that black.

One coat on one chair done.  Let's see...since I have six chairs to paint, that's just seventeen more coats to go!  Yes, it did take some time- many hours.

This is what it looked like after three coats of paint.  It looks just like what I wanted- coordinates with my colors and has that "chalky" look.

Here is a finished chair.

A closer look...

...and, around the table.

I didn't think I had the energy required to wax all six chairs, so I sprayed a topcoat of matte clear paint to give them a protective finish.  So far, so good.  It seems durable enough.

I mentioned several posts back that I had been busy on many different projects, simultaneously...this was one of them, and it feels good to be finished!

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