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Friday, July 4, 2014

Celebrating Independence Day with Taco Bell, El Campo Car and a Fantastic Fireworks Show

I hope all of our American friends had a great 4th of July!  We did, although we didn't celebrate in the traditional way-   We had work around the house that we needed to do, so most of the day was spent working.  And when we mentioned dinner, and how we had intended to grill some steaks but just didn't get around to it, Justin asked if we could go to Taco Bell!  Well, why not?  It will be a 4th of July to remember...

After our taco dinner, we made our way across town to the stadium to get ready for the fireworks show.  I am ashamed to say that in our old age, we rarely slow down to enjoy simple things like a fireworks show...I haven't been to one in years.  We were going for Justin, but maybe it would be fun for us, too...

We put the back seats down and piled pillows and quilts in the back of my Hyundai, Santa Fe. It was like we were camping out!  Justin loved it, and I must say it was pretty comfy hanging out back there waiting for the show to start.  I think I took a little nap!   

We started out with the back open, but the mosquitoes were bad, so we closed the door and left the car running so that we had air conditioning and rock & roll music to go along with the fireworks display.  Were we having fun?  Yes!  It was pretty cool...brought back memories of when our children were little and we would take off in our van and camp out.

I even took some pictures through the back window...worked better than I expected.

This was Justin's first fireworks show...He said it was like pictures he had seen of Disney Land.

As we started home, Justin said, "Today was a really good day!"   Yes, it was, Justin.  Who could ask for more than tacos from Taco Bell and a fireworks show like they have at Disney Land?  

Thank you Bay Minette Rotary Club for a great show!  I think we'll do this again next year!


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