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Friday, July 25, 2014

A Roll of Paper and a Deer Skull

A couple of days ago, I went to the lower end of the county to pick up a roll of paper from Gulf Coast Newspapers.  If you're a DIYer and have never thought about the newspaper as a source for project paper, you might want to check into it with your local paper.  These are called "roll ends" and actually have a lot of paper left on them after they print the newspaper. This gigantic roll will last me years, just like the last one did.  I paid $8 for it; I think it was around $5 about five years ago.  Inflation!  Still a great deal...I use it for patterns, sketches, table cover for messy projects, and I sometimes just roll it out and let the grandchildren make really BIG artwork in the floor!  And, it makes the best packaging material for wrapping glass and dishes...You don't get newsprint ink on your hands like you do wrapping with actual newspapers.  Wonderful for washing windows, too!  Use your imagination and you will come up with many reasons why you need to run to your local newspaper today to get your roll!!!

This is SO typical of the trunk of my car!  Let me show you a wider shot, then I will explain!

When I went to unload the car, I just laughed when I really looked at what I had in the trunk!  This is so me...

Along with the roll of paper are these things...

Funky rain boots, just in case I end up in a muddy place looking for treasures...and, we all know that we should look all stylish while digging...so my boots are animal print!

And, there's the story board box so that I can know for sure if something will work with my new decor...(see that post here.)

...and, does anyone remember seeing on Pinterest where Better Homes and Gardens shared that really good organizing tip for batteries?  Well, that Hobby Lobby bag is holding the plastic container that will soon hold all of my batteries, like this.

Photo by Better Homes & Gardens

...and, then there's the deer skull with antlers.

We have wooded property in North Baldwin County.  Hubby was out walking one day and found a deer after someone had shot it.  The poor injured deer ran to our property and died. What a waste.  Anyway, I told him that I wanted the skull and antlers.  We would never kill an animal for it's parts, but this one was already dead, so why not salvage what we can? We waited until it had decomposed to the point that it was not messy to handle.  I now have it in the car so that I can clean it.  We are not a deer hunting family, so I don't think we would be comfortable with it actually in the house....we much prefer to watch the living animals.  I think I will clean it up, and probably sell it to someone who will LOVE to use it in some type of decorating project.

I just wonder what the newspaper person who loaded the roll of paper into my car thought...

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