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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Worm Syrup - I Think It's My Favorite!

I think I'm starting a new collection...

When we started out to The World's Longest Yard Sale, I didn't have a clue that I would be looking for old bottles, but then... there they were- everywhere.

The more I looked at these antique bottles, the more beauty I saw; I had actually just never looked at old bottles before.  The colors and shapes are so pretty, with a patina that can't be duplicated...there is an iridescent sort of permanent film that nature paints on the glass when they are buried in the soil of the earth for decades....they just grow more beautiful over time while waiting to be dug up by a bottle collector.

They have such interesting things impressed into the glass...like this one- it's worm syrup! I think it's my favorite.

Dr. H S Thacker's Worm Syrup- Chattanooga, Tenn.

Now, the questions I'm asking myself are, "Do you want to just buy them from diggers?" or "Do you want to go digging for bottles?"...Hmmm.  We do have many acres of rural land.

Wait a minute... I hate snakes.

I think I just decided that  I will be shopping for my bottles. 

Wonder what was in this bottle from Dr. W.B. Caldwell
of Monticello, Illinois...

There are no markings on this cute little bottle, except for a triangle
on the bottom with something in it...it's hard to make out what it is.

The dreaded Castoria...I remember this stuff.

Yeah, this one brought back some childhood memories...Let's just say my mom bought a lot of this...and I wasn't smiling like this ad shows from 1956, Family Circle Magazine.  Yes, definitely false advertising.  Okay, Fletcher  family descendants...please don't come after me- I'm just being silly....But, that brings me to another thought-  I'm betting you guys are very wealthy if every mom in American bought as much of this "constipation correction" as mine did!  Now, I will admit that it tasted good, but once we figured out the whole story...umm... no more. Maybe this little girl in the ad has not yet figured out the rest of the story.

I'm not sure what this one held.  It has measuring marks on the side.

They are just so, so pretty.  The fancy one with the etching is not old...I just thought they were pretty together.

Now, I need to go out and find me some orange flowers.  I want a single blossom in each bottle. Don't you think that will be pretty?

I'm going to start trying to research the bottles.  It's fun.  I can now see why people collect old bottles.

Thanks for visiting, and hopefully, we will see one another again soon.


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  1. I can't believe you've just started collecting bottles!

    1. Hey Delisca! I can't believe it either! It's one of those things I never thought I was interested in collecting, until this yard sale trip...I wonder how far I'll go with this collection...Do you collect bottles?
      Aunt Judy