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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The World's Longest Yard Sale- Our Experience- Part Two

Yesterday, I shared with you an overview of our trip to The World's Longest Yard Sale- If you missed it, click here.  Today, in Part Two, I will show you my treasures.  Let's go!

As I unpacked the car, what I bought was a mystery...it's funny how I forgot what was wrapped up in those bags and paper...

Here are some of hubby's treasures- man things- mostly tools.  He picked up some things for other folks who had asked him to look for certain things.  That pointed thing is called a marlinspike and was used by the Navy to mend cables...Our son is a tugboat captain, so we thought this would be a nice gift for him.  

Now, hubby did buy more than I've pictured here, but some things went straight to his office or shop outside, so I didn't get pictures.

As I unwrapped things, I placed them on an orange throw on the pool table...(I think I'm looking forward to fall!)  So, it was here that I photographed everything...before even cleaning them. Some things are okay, as is, but others really need to be soaked in Oxyclean!

Now, I'll share pics of individual treasures and details.

I didn't know when I left home that I would be looking for old bottles, but there was something about them...I think I've started a new collection!  I'm decorating these days with blues and greens, and I just thought these would be really pretty on the table with individual flowers in each one...They are really dirty, so after soaking and cleaning them, I'll explore my options for these pretty bottles.  I did not pay attention to the "collectible" aspect of the bottles, just color.

The Bonsai tree book is for our grandson.  As weird as it seems, he asked for a bonsai tree for his sixteenth birthday last month.  I actually did find one for him, and then on our trip we came across this book.   Picked it up for him.

The crate...I bought it so that I could organize my small purchases, and it will be pretty in a display somewhere in the house too!

I'm always looking for nice pieces of Iris & Herringbone depression glass.  I inherited my paternal grandmother's tea pitcher, and that started the collection.  I don't like to pay too much for each piece, so these were all pretty good prices- not yard sale prices, but good prices.

I am also always on the lookout for things with character that I can use for storage in the house and studio. I LOVE sewing machine drawers, and this one was extra pretty with the fancy pull, so I had to have it.

...and, I found this wire basket that was the perfect color of blue!

Our daughter-in-law loves crocks, so this is for her next birthday in a couple of months...I picked it up at a great booth that I could have stayed in for hours!  It had all the things that capture my attention and imagination- vintage buttons, lace, glass, and oh, so many small things.  She had soldered pendants too...I do that kind of work, so I felt like she was a "sister" of sorts!  I'm talking about Rosa Bergen, of Rosa Bergen Antiques.  

...and that little oval frame was a bargain at $1.  I think I'll paint it- maybe.

This cool glass topped vintage canning jar will hold something for me...

And, I found many new shakers for glitter in the studio...and the silver plated piece with the glass insert (candy dish or relish dish?) will hold buttons or beads or something in the studio.

I found some really pretty metal pieces that I will probably use in some mixed media artwork...stay tuned to see what they eventually become!

A French souvenir of the Eiffel Tower...

...and a rubber glove form from a manufacturer.  I use these in the studio and at shows to display jewelry.

Remember this from yesterday?

Here's a closer look.  I LOVE the patina on the frame and the crazing and flaking of the silvering. 

You can see the waves in the old glass by looking at the reflection of the clock on the wall in this pic.

This is another item that I'm always looking for- textile mill spools.  I love to use them in the studio, where they are actually very functional.  This one came with the string, which right by itself is worth what I paid for the whole thing!

I mentioned Stone Ridge Soaps in the post yesterday.  I purchased four bars and I'm looking forward to opening the first one.  Sharon Tarver has certainly branded herself with a really cool artsy look.  She actually hand stamps all of her wrapping!  Her entire booth was well done and you can tell she loves what she does...She is VERY serious about her soap.  I enjoyed visiting with her and talking about her soaps and lotions at a stop in Fort Payne. She will be setting up a booth at Oxfordfest in Oxford, Alabama in October.  You can find out more about Sharon, her products, announcements and where she will be setting up next on her facebook page linked here.  I'm sure I will be looking for Sharon on my next TWLYS trip!

I also purchased the cutting board that I shared with you yesterday...Here's another look.

Being an artist myself, I really appreciate good work when I see it and the hands that lovingly created these items...I get what they do.  I hope to see both of these talented artisans  on the next trip...I'm sure I will need more cutting boards and soap by then!

And, I just have to include this because it helps tell the story...I brought along my copy of Where Women Create to look at on breaks.  Well, I never opened it- no breaks-  we even ate on the run!  I will get to look at it with a cup of coffee sometime during the next couple of days while I recover!

In part three, next post, I will share with you tips and information that you will find helpful if you plan to shop the World's Longest Yard Sale.  

It's raining now in Bay Minette, so I think I'll close this post now, go fix a cup of coffee, and curl up with that magazine.


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  1. Judy,
    It looks like you found lots of treasures at the yard sale...I wanted to go but the hubs didn't:( We will be going to Roundtop next month...yay!!


    1. Hey Linda! I've never been to Roundtop! I've wanted to go for years now, but just never made the trip...one of these days. Have fun!
      Thanks for dropping me a line!

  2. How fun! You got some great finds too.....Christine

  3. Hi Christine! Yes, it was super fun! Some good things can be found...Thanks for dropping by to see my post. I appreciate every single reader.

  4. Wow, Judy, that's a great haul! I love the wire basket and the blue bottles. And that mirror! Can't wait to see what you do with the metal pieces. ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

    1. Hi Ann, thanks for taking a look! I will be sure to share the the story of the metal pieces and what they become whenever the idea strikes and I work on them...sometimes it takes years!

  5. Incredible finds, Judy! I would love to go through that sale one day! I will be featuring your post in this week's A Return to Loveliness,

    1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for letting me know- I always look forward to A Return to Loveliness, and I'm honored that you picked my post to feature.