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Sunday, June 15, 2014

I Think I Wanna Climb a Tree for Father's Day

I should be in bed now, but here I am sitting at the computer, and I just finished editing pics of our day, so I wanted to share...

A couple of weeks ago, my sweet John said to me, "For Father's Day, I think I wanna climb a tree."  Well, that came out of nowhere, and it seemed sort of strange.  I mean, the man has climbed hundreds of trees. He practically grew up in the woods...but, what he was actually saying was that he wanted to spend big bucks on tree climbing gear so that he could climb really BIG trees, like the ones that we have down by the creek on our property. Well, of course I was okay with the idea, the spending the money part; my anxious self was not okay with the danger part.  But, it was clearly what he wanted to do for Father's Day, so he did just that.  The FedEx package arrived just in time yesterday...  He was like a child on Christmas morning when he opened the boxes.  It made my heart happy.  His boys came over to climb trees with him, as did our grandson and nephew.  Here are some pics.

Getting ready...

Going up!

Thumbs up.  He made it.

John, Jr. takes his turn.

Reagan was next...

Teaching Justin how it's done...

Kid version of climbing...


Fancy knot.  John, Jr. is a tugboat captain, so he likes to play
with rope...

They were just "learning the ropes" today on the small trees in the front yard.  One of these days soon, I'm sure he will say, "I think I wanna go climb one of the big trees..." Just pray for him..

I hope you had a great Father's Day, celebrating with the dads in your life, or remembering in a special way those who have passed on.



  1. What a special day for sure!! Love that they bought him special beer too :)

  2. Laurel, thank you for dropping by and reading about our Father's Day adventures! Our boys do love their dad, and that beer was their special touch!
    Hope you have a great week!