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Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Southern Bloggers Jubilee Members Meet in Grand Style

The Southern Bloggers Jubilee members met Tuesday at the fabulous landmark hotel and resort that is the Marriott Grand Hotel in Point Clear, here on the Mobile Bay.  How lucky are we to have this place right in our own back yards?  I'm ashamed to say it was my first visit, but it was everything that I had heard and imagined it would be- just beautiful in every way. We started our meeting in Bucky's Birdcage Lounge where we discussed many blog issues- problems, tips, and then we talked about good blogs and apps that we wanted to share with one another.  That's what the group is all about- helping each other grow in our blogging journeys.  We talked about some things that we wish to accomplish in the coming year and tossed around some ideas for future SBJ projects...Stay tuned.

I arrived a little early so that I could cruise around the place with the camera a bit...I was in LOVE with the fireplace room in the main building.  The fireplace is the focal point, situated right in the middle.  You enter the lounge, restaurant, offices and upstairs from points all around the fireplace.  It is indeed very "grand", welcoming and magical.  

After our meeting, we moved from Bucky's Birdcage Lounge to the restaurant for lunch.  It's such a treat to visit the restaurant during the Christmas season.

They have a huge gingerbread replica of the hotel on display in the center of the room.  The buffet dishes are arranged around the display, so that as you make your way around, you can easily view different parts of the masterpiece.

The food was tasty and very well presented...especially this layered salad which was assembled in a giant martini glass and then served inverted.  We didn't have time to get to our cameras before the server removed the glass...try to imagine the upside down glass on the salad below.  It was quite the conversation piece!

I always go for chicken salad when given the option...what can I say?  I love the stuff.  I enjoyed it this day served as a sandwich between buttery layers of croissant.  The sweet potato fries on the side were the best I've ever had.  They were sprinkled with sweet sparkly sugary goodness.  I will most definitely have to enjoy this lunch menu item again sometime soon.

This was our view as we enjoyed our lunch.  We were blessed with blue skies and a gorgeous day.

If you are a South Alabama (or Mississippi or Florida!) blogger and would like to join us, we meet once a month, generally on the first Tuesday morning of each month and then we enjoy lunch somewhere fabulous.  Click on the SBJ icon below for more information.

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Those blogs represented at our December meeting were:

I'm already looking forward to our January meeting...

Thank you for joining me today!  I appreciate my readers.


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  1. Oh, that lunch looks so yummy!! I hate that I couldn't stay and enjoy it with y'all. But, I appreciate you sharing it. . .

    1. It was yummy, Hope. We'll have to do it again when you are feeling better!

  2. Judy, your photos are terrific! I love the way you captured the grand fireplace area! I could NOT get the lighting right on my camera. Great job! See you next year!

    1. Thank you, Kim! I took the pics early before anyone else arrived, so maybe the lighting was different there then...