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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 Family Memento Pictures

Whew!  I think I've finally recovered from Thanksgiving... It was a big, fun, family and friend event at Pimperl Place, and I had more than a house full of love and laughter.  The house was bursting at the seams as we entertained family members from both sides of the family, and the day was filled with hugs, good food and conversations... The last time we had all of these folks together in one place was about seven years ago...way too long.  We have to do it more often.  

A lot of changes took place in our family during the last seven years...we lost our mother and she was missed in a huge way.  (The loss of your mom leaves a hole in the heart and home that can't be filled.) Some family members have married, and we had a new nephew arrive (who is now 6!)...Some of us just grew older (and rounder) and our hair color has changed, and some have a little less hair...Some of the newly married ones have moved out of state so they were not able to be here...One went off to war, and thankfully came back intact.  One retired...Our young ones have grown into impressive young adults- I'm so proud of them...Yes, a lot of changes...

News Flash!  Next time, we should be able to introduce to you our new twins!!!  Yes, my niece and her hubby are expecting twin boys, and we can hardly wait for spring to roll around so that we can meet these bundles of joy.

During conversations while planning our Thanksgiving Day event, we were trying to figure out (with much difficulty) exactly when we were last together.  I decided I would make a chalkboard to put in pics of the day, and then we wouldn't have to hurt our brains next time trying to figure out when it was!  I grabbed a vintage board that I had picked up at an antiques mall and a chalk marker and wrote simply "Thanksgiving 2014" in a pretty script, and put it on an easel for the day until time for the pics.  Here are some of our family memories that were captured with the camera that day...


Us and our boys...our daughter couldn't make it.

One of our boys and his family...

Hubby's brother and family...

Hubby's other brother and family...

...and, Hubby's youngest brother and family...

My sister and family...(and those twins!!)

My brother and family...

My other brother and family...

...and our friend.

To all of the family members that were here on Thanksgiving, thank you for traveling from places far and near to be here.  I loved having you, and I think I was blessed with the best family on earth.  If you're not part of my family, this probably didn't mean much to you, but thanks for visiting and scrolling through them anyway.  

Tomorrow, I'll be back with some projects as I decorate for Christmas.


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  1. I love the chalkboard idea Judy! I'm terrible at remembering dates of when things happened, so that's perfect. Now I'm feeling bad that I didn't take photos like that last week. I just snapped a few of my dog with the kids using my dumb phone. Well, hopefully I'll get another chance at Christmas. How do manage you do it all? Plan a huge holiday event, make stuff to sell...oh my!

    1. Thank you, Lorraine. My old brain is getting to the point where EVERYTHING needs to be simplified...the chalkboard should help. Now, if I can just remember where to find the pictures! lol
      And, I don't do it all at the same time, it just looks that way.. I take lots of pics and then edit and post whenever I have time...it's been months since I created anything artsy.
      Looking forward to seeing you Tuesday!

  2. Judy,
    That chalkboard idea is GREAT!!! Did you freehand Thanksgiving 2014?


    1. Linda,
      I did do it freehand, and somehow it worked the first time! I just got lucky, because most times, I have to wipe and re-do several times before it's even presentable. Thank you for the sweet comment!