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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Visiting a Treasure in my Own Back Yard--Malbis Plantation Greek Orthodox Church

Have you ever driven by a place and said to yourself, "I want to go inside there one of these days"? Well, I have done that at least a hundred times whenever I've traveled through Malbis, on Alabama Highway 181.  If you're familiar with the area, you probably already know where I'm talking about; for those of you who aren't from around here, I'm referring to the Malbis Plantation Greek Orthodox Church, also known as the Malbis Memorial Church. Today was the day--the hubby and I were out and about and decided to venture over there after lunch and see it for ourselves.

The church is a private family chapel that was built as a memorial to Jason Malbis, founder of Malbis Plantation.  It is built in the Byzantine style, with all elements of art and marble arriving here from Greece, according to a nice lady who was greeting visitors today.  The craftsmanship is simply something to be studied and appreciated.  I could have stayed inside all day long just snapping pictures of details.  It is open daily to visitors, and several other individuals visited while we were there.  To learn more about the church, please visit these links:  Wikipedia the tiles ...and there are many more if you "Google" it.    

The outside is pretty, but it doesn't even compare to what's inside.

The art is amazing, and the architecture...it's all something to see.

If you ever find yourself in Baldwin County, Alabama, you really should put this on your list of places to visit.  I don't know why it took me so long.

Thanks for hanging out with me today!


  1. My parents first took me to this church when I was 3 years old. Since then, I've taken my boys by myself, and again with field trips from our church. It's absolutely stunning and a beautiful tribute to the family and God. One of the most majestic sites in our area that I would highly recommend to locals and tourists.
    So glad you got to see it, and what a great way to encourage people to make time for the treasures right in front of them!

    1. It is definitely something to see, regardless of a person's religious affiliation.
      I'm wondering what you thought about it as a three-year-old little girl...It was interesting reading Mary's comment about visiting a Byzantine chapel in Greece as a little girl, and how her perspective had changed when visiting the same place again as an adult.
      I'm hoping some of our Down in the Delta Vintage Market visitors will be able to check it out.
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hi Judy so glad you were able to visit one of my churches. I'm Greek Orthodox so I grew up in these churches. Of course in Greece they take it to the next level. I remember being a little girl and going into our local church were the walls were full of murals of the stories of Jeses. And there was one of God looking down at us which possitively terrified my 4 year old self. Well, I went back a few years ago and not only was it not terrifying but it was such a beautiful church full of amazing Byzantine art. I'm glad you enjoyed visiting. If you ever have a chance to go into another one or when a service is being conducted take the opportunity. The mass is usually in Greek, but the sounds of the chanting and the smell of the incense is intoxicating. And in Greek churches more is more when it comes to Byzantine art... they pile it on!!

    1. Oh Mary, thank you for your comment! I can only imagine a little girl looking up at the giant paintings and it does seem like it could be a bit scary...it's all so grand. I've always wanted to visit Greece, and this made me want to visit even more, and if I ever do, the churches will most definitely be on my list of places to see. I did ask about services at this particular one and if visitors were welcome. The lady told me that it was a "private family chapel" but they do have services once a month or so when visitors may attend. I'm not sure that they are on a set schedule. As an art lover, I was blown away by the Byzantine beauty, and now I am certainly looking for more Greek Orthodox churches to visit!

  3. Incredible! What an amazing church in such a quiet little spot of the world! Thank you for sharing, the architectural detail is breathtaking!

    1. It really is, Jenna. We probably have lots of "treasures" right here in our local area if we just got out and looked! I plan to start doing more of that.