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Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Memorable Lunch at Kitchen on George

Hubby had a rare Friday off work last week, so of course I asked him to go along with me as I hit every estate sale and yard sale I could find Friday morning!  I just love having him with me!

Somewhere along the way we got hungry- yard sale shopping is hard work!  I remembered a place that had been on the "Places I Want to Try" list for several months, so I decided to find it....As hubby napped in the passenger side of the car, I followed the driving directions given to me by the lady in my dashboard navigation system thing.  Sometimes she takes me along interesting routes, but I usually do eventually arrive at the correct destination. This day, I had asked her to take me to "Kitchen on George, 351 George Street, Mobile, Alabama." Poor Hubby was so tired, he slept through many twists, turns, stops and bumps in the road. When he opened his eyes, he had no idea where we were.  We arrived right at 11:30, so the timing was perfect for a special Friday lunch date with my man.

It was so pretty outside, with the shady tree-lined street and flowers at the entrance...and I'm in love with the red front doors!

The hostess greeted us and led us to a table up the steps into a private little dining area with just four tables.  The restaurant is set in a restored old house, and the vintage painted wood paneled walls provide a beautiful canvas for the decorative touches.  The look is simple and traditional with contemporary accessories, and very comfortable--fancy but casual at the same time.  Diners came in dressed in casual clothes as well as business suits...

The homemade bread and dipping oil infused with herbs was brought out along with our drinks...that bread was crisp on the outside and moist on the inside--perfect!

It was just about at this point in our experience that I realized I had left the camera in the car.  Oh no!  I must take pictures of our food for the blog!  I asked Hubby not to take a bite before I returned, and I headed back out to the car for the camera.

As soon as I stepped out the door, I looked at my car and wondered why I couldn't remember towing a red car all over Mobile.  I must be losing my mind!!! How could I not remember towing that car?   I know I did not tow that car.  But, it does appear that someone tried to hitch it to mine...  

I went back inside, and asked the sweet hostess if she would get the manager for me.  After showing him the situation, he went off to find the driver...

As I waited for the driver to show up, I stood there thinking...sometimes, people amaze me. Now, if I get my car all jacked up on a trailer hitch on another car, I'm going to feel a bump, then I'm going to back up and see what's going on. But not this driver. Looks like this one preferred to stay all jacked up on my trailer hitch while she ate her lunch.   

She eventually walked up and as she dug around in her purse for her keys, I asked her, "Why would you park that close to someone?  Did you not feel a bump?  How am I supposed to get out of the parking spot with no room to move and with your car hitched to mine?"  She said she didn't want her rear end out in the intersection. My brain is thinking...well now, here's an idea....go park somewhere else? (Remember it was just shortly after 11:30 and not crowded at this point...there was plenty of parking available.)  I'm sure she could read my face...I have trouble hiding things that are "just in my brain"...they tend to somehow show up on my face very clearly.   Now, don't get me wrong...accidents happen, and I can deal with that, but this apparently was deliberate!  I just politely asked her if she would back her car off mine, then we could both go back inside and enjoy our lunch. She did, and the car bumped as it came unhitched.  The only damage was to her bumper and it was just a mark where the plastic had bent.  She didn't appear worried.  I went back inside just shaking my head.  I'm just glad I had a trailer hitch...

Meanwhile, Hubby is salivating over the bread that he was asked not to eat by his blogger wife. He was about to come looking for me.  I told him the story and we laughed.  He then admitted that he had eaten some bread, which was okay because he did save some for a picture!

We ordered our entrees--Crawfish Stuffed Mirliton and Shrimp and Goat Cheese Grits. 

They were as delicious as they were pretty!  

After our meal, we ordered desserts.  Hubby had Bread Pudding with White Chocolate and Dried Cherries with some kind of boozy sauce...(can't remember if it was bourbon or rum), and I had Cheesecake with Strawberries.  Again, we were not disappointed.

It simply could not have been a more perfect lunch date with Hubby, and  I can not say enough good things about Kitchen on George...the atmosphere, service, presentation and tasty dishes were impeccable.   You simply can't improve on perfection...

This place just moved onto another list, "Special Favorite Date Places" and I'm sure we will go back real soon.

To learn more about Kitchen on George, visit their website, linked here.  

Oh, and if you're driving around Mobile...watch out for that little red Toyota Corolla...


  1. Judy,
    Oh my!!! Some people just don't have anything up there...glad you went out and found what she had done. Yes...Kitchen on George has been on my list too...maybe I will make it there soon.


    1. I remember us talking about it one day. It was all that we had heard. We should do lunch out there one day soon...if I can find it again! That GPS lady took me the long way around...there has to be a simple way to get there.

  2. I wonder about people too and the choices they make! I am glad your car was okay and you had a good lunch with the Hubs.

    1. I'm still shaking my head over that one...and I'm glad it all ended well, too. It gives me a good story to tell and something to laugh about now that it's all over. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  3. Judy thanks so much for coming in and writing this beautiful review AND taking these beautiful photos! We hope to see you again soon!

    1. You are welcome! We really did thoroughly enjoy our lunch and I'm afraid you will be seeing us as "regulars" for as long as you can put up with us! I love to write when I have good subject matter, and this was as good as it gets! Thanks for reading and leaving the comment.

  4. This is the craziest story ever! Ha! I don't know how I missed this back in May, but so glad I saw it featured on the Alabama Women Bloggers Judy! How special to have such a lovely lunch date with your husband!

    1. I am honored that they reposted and shared my story...as crazy as it was. It was a special hubby date and I am looking forward to going again. It's really a nice place with great everything!