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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Southern Bloggers Jubilee Meeting at Old 27 Grill

The bloggers of the Southern Bloggers Jubilee met last Tuesday for our monthly meeting, and this time, we met at Old 27 Grill in Fairhope.  Every month we meet at a different business and then we feature that business in a blog post.  So, now let me tell you about Old 27 Grill...

Gazebo is in the front near the parking area.

Ms. Clamco (Blog, Clamco) and I were the first to arrive and neither of us had ever been to Old 27 Grill before.  It had been raining for several days and the parking lot was mildly flooded at the main entrance...it's early March in coastal Alabama so that's nothing unusual- it rains a lot. We used the side entrance.  As we walked across the parking area, we both noticed them at the same time...ducks!   

We walked closer and then realized that we had been tricked!  Yes, we would soon find out that Mr. Stitt has a sense of humor.  He explained the story to us after the rest of the group arrived.  It seems that there's a problem with doing any repair work to the parking lot there because there's a major utility line right there under the surface, and nobody wants to be the one that digs into that line and takes down service to the entire neighborhood...so Mr. Stitt decided to make lemonade with those lemons.  He put the ducks out there. That was our first impression with this cool, fun place.  I was looking forward to learning more about this different (in a good kind of way!) restaurant.

This door was open, so we figured we would head on in...I could see colored twinkly lights on the railing...I could feel myself being pulled inside to see what was next!  

Then when we stepped inside, it was hard to decide if we were  actually inside or outside. It's closed in, but you can see through those windows into the outside eating and entertainment area.  Very quirky and cool.

Here are some shots of the outside eating area through those windows at the left.

We had a large group of bloggers this month, and they let us meet in the original main dining room of this rambling place where we were served coffee while we visited with one another.  

Ceiling treatment...I LOVE it!

We were introduced to William Stitt (aka Bill-E), the proprietor of the establishment and he told us a little about the history of the restaurant, the resident ducks in the "pond" and some fun stories of experiences growing up in a family of entrepreneurs (a relative invented the microwave popcorn bag!)...then he went over the menu offerings and talked a little bit about the premium quality meats they serve and fresh bread that's delivered daily.  

Bill-E tells us about Hwy 27 Grill.

I was also introduced to a growler.  I had no clue.  This is a growler, or rather a whole shelf of them...

I'm not a beer drinker, but hubby and son seemed very interested in the idea.  Growlers are available for purchase in either a 32 oz. or 64 oz. size, and you can bring it in over and over again to have it filled with your favorite craft beer to take home.  Now I know what a growler is!

Bill-E disappeared for a bit and returned shortly with a nice platter of bacon!  Oh my goodness...it was delicious.  I've never had bacon that good. He smokes it right there on sight, cuts nice thick slices, and cooks it... or not. You can actually purchase it by the pound to take home for later.

Just look at that plate of bacon!  Presentation was as pretty as it was tasty.  

Debbie of Flower Child Designs is showing the bacon so that we can all get a picture, and she's holding her right hand in a funny position so that she can show off the bracelets that she had just purchased from me!  Thank you, Debbie!


Our meeting convened and we talked about some future things with the group, link parties, and new things going on in the lives of each of our members...lots of exciting things are happening. Be sure to check out each of the SBJ bloggers by clicking on my tab at the top of the page...there you will find links to each blog.

Our friend Allen (blog, Stumpthelibrarian) ran home and returned with some happy green St. Patrick's Day beads for each of us.  You can see them right behind the taco in the pic below.  Thank you Allen!  That was very kind of you to share with us.  Mine are now on the dining room table serving as decorations, but I'll wear them again on St. Patty's Day...that will be my green!

Next on the agenda was lunch.  I had the amazingly good shrimp taco with hand cut fried potato chips and coleslaw.  The sauce was perfect with the shrimp.  I will most definitely have to go back for more.


More about Old 27 Grill...

The menu is quite extensive and includes everything from a nice steak (Certified Angus Beef) to a salad to wings to a sausage dog, and lots more.  It's the perfect place to take the family as there's something on the menu for everyone.  They cater, too.  The special catering menu states that they specialize in Low Country Shrimp Boils, Crawfish Boils, Chargrilled and Raw Oyster Bars, Weddings, Receptions, Rehearsal Dinners, Banquets, Field Trips, Business Meetings, or any other gathering.  Call them for more information @ 251-281-2663.  

Old 27 Grill is located at 19992 Hwy 181, or Old County Road 27, in Fairhope.  Plan to check them out soon.  You will be glad you did.  For now, go find them on facebook, (link here) give them a "like" and you'll be able to easily keep up with the fun things that are happening there.

Thank you Bill-E for the hospitality shown to our group of bloggers!  We thoroughly enjoyed our time there with you.


  1. It was such a fun meeting and you got great photos!

    1. It was a fun meeting! I'm glad you planned the meeting there. It was a fun place to take pics, just wish I had had more time to get more. I'll take the camera next time I visit.

  2. That sounds like an awesome place Judy! I would love to try it sometime when we are down there! I'm so jealous of your blogging group.....wish I was still in the South!

    1. Oh, Cindy, I wish you were here, too! You would love our little group, and we always learn so much from one another. Maybe when you get that "project" finished, you can come down for a long stay and be my guest at a meeting!

  3. This is an excellent post with great photos. You covered everything perfectly. I hope Bill gets to see this.

    1. Thank you! It was a fun one to photograph...just wish I had taken more.
      I did share the link on their fb page and someone from the restaurant "liked" it within a few minutes, so I'm hoping it was Bill. He's a cool guy.
      I appreciate the sweet comment!

  4. We did have a great meeting I think. And you got some great pictures of the place, angles I didn't even consider! Lovely review!!