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To whomever is reading this… I’m bringing back the old blog!  I’ve decided to make some changes with the way I’m operating my business, Down in the Delta LLC, and that will eventually involve deleting my website, so I’m going to resurrect this platform for documenting my continuing jewelry-making journey, simply for the sake of posterity.  Maybe one of these days my grandchildren will want to know what it was that I spent my days doing… Down in the Delta, LLC began seven years ago as the umbrella company under which I operate with several different business licenses—as a retail store, an event organizer and venue, and as a manufacturer of jewelry.  The pandemic put a stop to the events, and the retail part of things had to move online, which was actually great for my jewelry business, but not for the big things in my inventory.  During this time, my husband retired and I made the decision that I no longer wanted to host events here at Pimperl Place, because, it’s just a lot of hard wor

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