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Friday, October 16, 2015

One-Of-A-Kind Leather Cuffs

Still making cuffs and bracelets for the upcoming trunk show in Mobile, AL.  I will share details when I can...

As always, I start with old thrift store leather belts, then add embellishments that are sometimes old, sometimes new.  This series includes some of both--there's a great old piece of turquoise on one, a wonderful vintage square bakelite button on another, as examples of old, and the new embellishments include a great huge carved coconut shell button on one, and a fabulous Italian crackled green one on another...lots of variety in this series.

If you see one you like, message me for more info.

New Boho-Style Embellishment and Laced Back

New Boho-Style Embellishment and Snap Closure

New Carved Coconut Shell Button
with Leather "String"

Italian Crackled New Button

New Heart Embellishment

New Large Tortoise-Shell Look Button

Vintage Pale Green Jade with Purple Crystal

New Pottery Bead with Blue and Brown

Vintage Tortoise-Shell Look Button

Vintage Mother-of-Pearl and Turquoise with Crystal

Vintage Buttons

Vintage Bakelite Button

They feature a variety of closure styles.  The velvet laced ones are a little more adjustable in size than the others, for obvious reasons.

The snapped ones all have the size clearly marked on the inside.

Some snaps are gold-toned metal and some are silver-toned, and are chosen to enhance the embellishment on the front side.

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  1. Very unique and whimsical pieces. I like the little pieces you are adding in the front to make each one unique, they would make great gifts.

    1. Thank you Mary K! I'm hoping to sell them during the gift-buying season. I appreciate you dropping by.

  2. Hi Judy, back again, I just tried to connect with your Facebook , but there is a s ign on top of your social media that says "Edit me". Perhaps you can look into it and then I will be able to follow you. Thanks for adding me.

    1. Hi Mary K...thank you for letting me know you're having trouble connecting with me via facebook. I had my son check into it and he can't find a problem. I don't know why it's telling you to "edit me"....If you do facebook, you can just go directly to my page and like it there. Here's a link: https://www.facebook.com/judypimperlblogger
      I hope this works!

    2. Oh, Mary K, I forgot to ask if you have a facebook page. I'm not seeing a link to one on your blog, so that may be the problem. You have to have a page to be able to link to mine.