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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Shopping for School Supplies Causes Mental Breakdown in Wal-Mart

Okay, before you get all worried about me, let me clear this up right away.....It just make me feel like beating my head against the Wal-Mart racks.

Have you shopped for school supplies from a list recently, like I did?  They are so specific about the folders and such.  Red plastic folder with pockets and prongs...I found plenty of red ones, but they were either cardboard with pockets and no prongs, or plastic with pockets and no prongs, or another color with pockets and no prongs, or neon (no red) color plastic with pockets and prongs.....Yes, it was maddening.  And, that was just one line on one list.  

They've made it easy for parents who register their children early and attend the "meet the teacher" event the week prior to school starting.  That's when you can purchase a prepackaged supply kit for each grade.  I would have gladly made those purchases, but we were out of town attending a funeral, so we missed that.  Mental note for next year...

I should also clarify about now that I don't have young children.  This post is all about me helping my sister-in-law get my niece and nephew ready for school.  My sis-in-law is from Colombia, South America, and doesn't speak or read English yet.  Handing her a list like this just causes her eyes to get really big...hand her two and....well, that's where I step in.  It is funny though when friendly people along the way refer to me as their grandmother, and then when I tell them that I am their aunt, they get all apologetic and say something like, "Oh, I didn't mean to imply that you look old or anything!" which causes me to laugh and then I tell them not to worry, my grandchildren are older than my niece and nephew.  It does cause a bit of confusion, I guess, but we all end up laughing.  I will say that I am SO glad to be through this season of life with my own, as my "baby" is now twenty-seven.  There is a reason people my age don't have young children, and I'm sure it's because God knew we would be beating our heads against Wal-Mart racks at the beginning of the school year if he allowed babies to keep happening as we got old...so he created menopause.

Let me take this opportunity to sing the praises Rockwell Elementary School in Spanish Fort, Alabama.  This is one amazing school and the children are going to be so happy there. Their high standards in teachers and staff members was readily apparent, as I've spent lots of minutes with various different ones over the last couple of weeks.  If any of you Rockwell employees are reading this, thank you for the great jobs you do!  That extra effort, acts of kindness and courtesy matter, and are noticed.  The art program and appreciation for art is something to witness...I was just in awe of the artwork on the walls of the office, and the slide show of student art that runs continuously in the main entrance....Great job, Rockwell Elementary!

If you have little ones, I hope your school year is off to a great start (if you've actually started your school year yet) and only gets better as the year continues!

I'll be back in the shop tomorrow sharing some pics of Juju Queen's Junk.  There will be some new treasures arriving...stay tuned.


  1. I never bought the pre-packaged school supplies, because I love shopping for these things every year! However . . . you are right that they've taken some of the fun out of it by being so darn picky.

    1. Now that you mention it, I did enjoy this part of back to school way back when, too! I never did find the exact folders they wanted...oh, well.

  2. I took Megan food shopping with me at WM and we went thru the school supplies section. She was immediately sucked in and amazed at the low prices. She couldn't resist picking out a few things for herself.

    1. I did see some interesting things that us artsy people could use, so I'm not surprised. The prices are lower at WM than at some other places...someone mentioned to me on FB that a 1" binder was $5 at another place, and I don't think they were that much at WM. But even with lower prices, the items on the lists for a 1st and 3rd grader came to nearly $100!