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Friday, August 21, 2015

Easy Low Cost Fall Decor Tutorial

Hi everyone!  Today, I'm sharing an...

I just made a simple fall arrangement for my kitchen and it was so easy and inexpensive, I thought I should share it with you.  It can be adapted for many looks and for any season. 

I started with a simple jar purchased along the World's Longest Yard Sale, but any jar would work, or for that matter, any container will work.  Here's my jar:

Sticking with the design rule of using odd numbers, I decided to go with three elements for this arrangement...keeping it simple.  This is what I used, and the cost of each element.
  1. 2 Bundles Dried Black Beard Wheat--Sale price was $2.40 each, so wheat was $4.80.
  2. Scarecrow on a stick (Approximately 12", not counting the stick) --Recycled from previous two years, but I believe I paid about $1.00.
  3. Sunflower--Single stem was sale priced at $2.40.

Dried Black Beard Wheat

Wheat Label (Don't ever pay full price at Hobby Lobby!...if it's not
on sale, wait until next week and it probably will be!)

Pretty Sunflower

My Happy Scarecrow...forgot to take a pic
before I added him to the arrangement.
So, gather these elements together with your container and have some scissors handy. You will begin by trimming the wheat stems, unless you want it really tall.  The rule is to have the height of the entire arrangement about three times the height of the jar.  So, in other words, the jar will take up one third of the total height, and the flowers should be two-thirds.  And I'm okay if you break the rule...I promise not to send the Floral Arrangement Police knocking on your door...I may even break a rule or two myself occasionally...

I trimmed about eight or ten inches off.  Each stem will vary slightly, and it isn't rocket science, so just get close!  You should now have something that looks similar to this:

Then, you will add your scarecrow, and it will look like this:

And, finally, you will add the pretty sunflower to the front.  You should have something that looks similar to this:

Do you see how it sort of spikes upward at the outside edges?  I'm not liking that, so I will just pull them out and trim off a little more...

Can you see how I've trimmed the wheat on the sides a little shorter?  The tops of the wheat now form an arch-like design.

My kitchen is normally turquoise, white and orange with green walls...To make the fall arrangement look  more pulled together with my everyday decor, I added a little tea towel to the big serving platter right under the spice cabinet.  It just added a little more fall colors, but also has that everyday turquoise color.  Now, I'm looking at the pics and thinking how pretty an antique Mason jar would be in the place of the clear one...it would pull in more of that turquoise blue...hmmm.

Now, for an added smile, I'm sharing a close-up pic of my cow...see her up there at the top of the spice cabinet?

NOTE:  I ended up using one and one-half bundles of the wheat.  Just work with it to get it as full as you like.  The neck of the jar can make it look different...a smaller neck will not allow as many and will look tighter and and larger neck will let them all spread apart so that you will want to use more stems.  I have enough left over to add to a wreath!  

Wasn't that easy?  And, all for under $10 because I bought most elements on sale!  Can't beat that.

Thanks for dropping in today, and I hope you'll come back soon!

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