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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Southern Bloggers Jubilee Members Meet in Bay Minette

Our Southern Bloggers Jubilee members met yesterday morning in Bay Minette.   I hosted the meeting this month, and we met right in the middle of town at my favorite restaurant, The Sugar Kettle Cafe.  We had a smaller than normal group, but I sort of expected this for our July meeting. Summertime is just busy for everyone.  That's okay, though, because we accomplished a lot and had a great time.

I didn't have a special speaker lined up, because I just couldn't think of anyone to ask, but that turned out to be a good thing.  We had so much to talk about and decisions to make regarding the future of our little group.  These things needed to be discussed and the meeting went long, so it all worked out perfectly.

We have been talking for several months about options for a new name--something that would identify us as a group for not only traditional "bloggers" who write longer posts, but also for individuals who write and publish to other social networking services as well.  The trend seems to be that bloggers are moving away from longer weekly or twice weekly blog posts, and are choosing to publish smaller "snippits" or photographs, using Instagram, Twitter, and other similar services.  We wanted to include something in the new name that would imply that we are a group that is open to individuals who participate in all of these forms of sharing, and not just for traditional bloggers. After much discussion this morning, we came to a decision.  With that being said, I want to let Kim share that news with you. Kim created the group--it's her baby.  Kim, when you're ready, share our new name and look with everyone!  Once you publish the new website, I will add a link here.

Kim, as I write this, is putting together and setting up a new website.  It will have pages such as --About, Members, Calendar of Events, etc.  That's also something new for the group. We have just been operating with a facebook page and e-mails.  It's just another area of growth for us and a natural next step.

During the meeting, Kim also passed along some tips to us on how to grow our blogs, and in the blogging world, that's what it's all about.  

We also went ahead and scheduled the host and hostesses for the next  few meetings..We now have the general locations set through the end of the year, with details to be released as the times draw near.  We generally begin posting details of the next meeting two or three weeks out on our facebook page, Southern Bloggers Jubilee (which will also be renamed). All of this info will be added to the calendar page of the new website.

If you blog, or share on social media and would like to learn more about it, we would love to have you hang out with us! We all learn so much from each other, and sometimes we pick up little tips even in casual conversations that turn out to be very helpful...you just never know what you'll learn! And, we've developed fabulous friendships through the group, as well.  You're invited...and so are your friends!  

And, I can't leave this part of the post without mentioning that we were honored to be joined by the soon to be famous Alan Samry, who writes the blog, Stump:  The Librarian.  You see, the Hollywood people are in town filming a movie, USS Indianapolis:  Men of Courage, and our friend Alan is in it!!! Yes, Nicholas Cage got to spend a little time in a life raft in the Gulf of Mexico with my friend, Alan. Can you tell I'm just a little excited about the movie and the fact that I can say I know a movie star? To read more about the movie, click here.  And to read about Alan's experiences, follow this link: Stump: The Librarian.


Now, a little more about The Sugar Kettle Cafe...We enjoyed a fabulous lunch and I don't believe any two of us ordered the same meals.  They have an extensive menu, and the specials change daily.  A couple of us did have the carrot souffle' which was a hit...it left the others wishing they, too, had ordered it!

All photos via Facebook/The Sugar Kettle Cafe

...and my all-time Tuesday favorite dish to order--Chicken & Dressing with Cranberry Sauce. It's the Tuesday Special, and it comes with the Carrot Souffle' and Green Beans with choice of a roll or cornbread. And for a special taste of something a bit sweet and spicy, ask for a sample of their pickles, homemade of course, and you can purchase a jar to take home with you.  I always keep a jar in the fridge to spice up my boring meals at home...
Two scoops of deliciousness.  Photo via The Sugar Kettle Facebook page.

Hungry for dessert anyone?  They've got you covered...with fabulous and tasty options.

On Sundays, I LOVE to pop in for their Caramel Soaked French Toast with a cup of fresh fruit and bacon to start my day...doesn't get any better than brunch like that on a lazy Sunday morning.  

Visit their facebook page here and give them a "like" so that you can follow daily specials and other postings...Link here.  And, here's a link to their website where you will find the menu, catering contact info, and more.

Thanks for visiting, friends.  I appreciate every single one of you!  I hope to see you back in a couple of days when I'll share some furniture pieces that I've painted and will be putting in the shop.


  1. Great post Judy, I am going to forward this to several of my Alabama blogging buddies who have only been to one or two meetings last year so they can see what's going on. I loved the Sugar Kettle Cafe and the ambiance of downtown Bay Minette, so utterly charming! Sorry I couldn't linger, and thanks so much for hosting us!

    1. Thank you, Jenna, and it was my pleasure to welcome you all to Bay MInette. Can't wait to meet at your place!!!

  2. Thank you so much Judy! Great job getting the info out there for our group and leaving a little mystery about our name change reveal! The food was delicious and I agree with Jenna. Downtown is just precious and I was especially impressed with that little courtyard. Great gathering place!

    1. I was happy to have the group in Bay Minette and show you around a little...we do have a few hidden gems and that courtyard is one of them. I'll go see the new website and then share it.

  3. We will definitely have to hit this one next time we "go South." It has been too long! Looking forward to meeting you, probably in September at Jenna's house.

    1. Great! Looking forward to meeting you too, Ellen!

  4. So sorry to have missed this month's meeting! The food looks fabulous, so I'll have to travel up to Bay Minette soon on my own!

  5. We missed you too!
    Come on up and let me know when...I'll even buy your lunch for you!

  6. Hi Judy,
    Sorry I couldn't make the meeting. Sounds like y'all covered a lot of helpful information. It is a great idea to plan ahead making a schedule. It will be helpful to all to know ahead of time when and where, especially those of us out of town. Wow, the food looks delish here. I think I may have to stop in Bay Minette for lunch next trip!
    Hope you are having a great summer........

    1. Yes, we did accomplish quite a bit. The Sugar Kettle's food is great...it's worth a special trip!

  7. I hate that I missed the meeting, but it sounds like you covered it well. I'm still not sure if I'll make this month's meeting or not. We've got so much going on now. And, hearing your sad news, I'm sure you may not make it either. Sending you all my best.