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Friday, July 10, 2015

Fab Fashion Friday--Summer Livin' in Linen and Some Smashed Spoons

I have been wearing a lot of linen tops the last week or so (with denim!), but I thought that a nice, loose-fitting, shift style dress would be great for a cool, comfortable, summer look.  I really like this one that I found online.   

I also wanted to share with you a new jewelry line that I've just started.  Because there's just one of me, I've only completed three pieces, so far.  I have been wanting to do these for some time now, but it's really hard to find silver-plated soup spoons.  I finally found eight at a recent estate sale, so I grabbed them.  The necklaces could also be made with teaspoons, but I wanted them to be round and not oval.  So for now I'll complete the eight, and I will be searching for more soup spoons as I'm out running around treasure hunting.  

The soup spoon necklace has a nice simple, industrial, mixed-metal style, and that's just what I had envisioned.  A lot of people who make these just drill a hole in the top of the piece, but I decided to go that extra step and put in an eyelet.  It gives it a more finished look and also is an opportunity to add another metal (copper) that contrasts nicely with the silver. I've finished it by adding a simple round black leather string from which to hang it, with a bead of a third metal (bronze colored).  It would be the PERFECT piece to wear with a simple linen dress.


They are available in Juju Queen's Junk, inside Antiques at the Loop, priced at $30 each.

Summer Livin' in Linen

Free people dress

Dorothy Perkins sandals
$52 - zalando.co.uk

Burberry beach hat


  1. I love the idea of turning a spoon into a pendant. I'll keep an eye out for silver plated soup spoons for you.

    1. Thank you, my friend...and I'm still searching for Legos for you!

  2. Love the spoon jewelry Judy! I just can't wear linen though, it always looks like I've been in the spin cycle :)

    1. Thank you, Jenna! That's the only bad thing about wearing linen...those crazy wrinkles! It happens to me too, but I just pretend that I don't notice.

  3. Your new line of necklaces are so pretty! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Happy day friend!