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Friday, May 1, 2015

I Have a Yard Sale to Attend...What Will I Wear?

Hello everyone!  It's Fab Fashion Friday and I'm running a bit later than I would like getting this post up, but if you read the title, you probably know why.   Yes, I've been out "pickin" for the shop.  I attended my favorite monthly estate sale and a couple of yard sales and found lots of great new things...more about that later.

I thought it would be fun to talk about "yard sale" fashion...not as in fashion bought from yard sales, but what to wear to yard sales.  Thank goodness, it's not required that we make a fashion statement when we're out pickin', but comfort should be a priority.  Who wants to be running after those good deals in high heels?  (Well, I suppose a spike heel could come in handy if you get into a fight with someone over a great find!) I almost always wear blue jeans (shocking, I know!) and a t-shirt of some short.  A denim jacket is another great piece to have in the car, as it can be a little chilly early in the day.  When it warms up a bit, just peel it off and you're good to go. I wear flats, but I also keep rain boots in the car.  We have so much rain in our area that there's a good chance you will find mud if you only wear good shoes.  I learned this lesson the first time I did The World's Longest Yard Sale.  It's also a good idea to keep some newspapers in the car so that you don't ruin your car with the muddy boots. Thankfully, today I didn't have to pull out the rain boots...sandals did just fine...but they were there if I needed them.  Simple jewelry is great if you want to accessorize. Just make it all about what makes you feel comfortable.  Also, keep in mind that you want to wear something that you don't mind getting dirty.  I do see people that are all dressed up at the estate sale, and I wonder about them. Maybe they have somewhere else to go that requires a little better attire.  Or maybe they're just making a fashion statement.  I'd rather just be comfortable.

When I get home around lunchtime, I just kick off my shoes, eat a bite and take a nap.  Yes, by this time, it's been a long day and I'm tired!   It feels good to not have to worry about changing clothes.

I haven't yet had that nap today...and I'm fading fast!  I still haven't unloaded the car either, but when I do, I'll snap some pics.  Stay tuned for that...

Yard Sale Outfit

Print t shirt

St John s Bay jacket

Hunter tall rain boots

Vans round toe flat shoes
$86 - yoox.com

Vera bradley tote bag

J Crew pink gold bracelet

Kate Spade engraved jewelry

PTM Images quote wall art

Battery operated clock


  1. I always think if you look too nice, they won't let you haggle over the price!

    1. I never thought about it from that angle! I need to remember that.