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"There are few days off and no retirement from this entanglement of knowledge, passion and vision that will be molded and converted into creative expression. There are no guarantees of acceptance, understanding or reward, but...the noise inside the mind never ceases. I will paint today, tonight and for as many tomorrows as I am given..." Words of the late artist Frank Howell...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pickin' This Past Weekend

So, my shop still feels a little empty to me!  I need more treasures, so I decided I needed to hit the ground running this last Thursday, again on Friday, and then Saturday...I hit every yard sale, estate sale, and auction that I could find going on in the area.  I actually logged 133 miles in one day running all over Baldwin and Mobile counties!  Then, on Sunday, I found an online auction that was out of Mobile, so I "attended" that from my living room chair and came away with some great finds! What started out slow ended up to be a pretty good weekend of pickin'. 

Now, let me show you what I found!

A printer's tray--  I snatched it up at an estate sale because they are great in so many ways! They are interesting elements for decor, and to display a collection of tiny treasures, but I have several that I use to organize beads and jewelry elements.  I love mine, and someone will love this one just as much!  It's available in the shop.

There's a hat...not that old, but a cool hat made of palm leaves at a factory in Guatemala...Someone will love it.

Here's a great small ironstone piece that I found at the same sale.  It's English and in perfect condition.  Also available in the shop.

...and, these cast iron mid-century jacks were a great find!  They retain their original paint and can be used in several different ways...I'm thinking door stop, book-ends, sculptural art pieces, game room decor, paper weight...Can you think of any other ways they could be used?  They are now in the shop, where I have them priced individually.

There's also a pretty lacy handmade vintage piece...I'll call it a table runner, even though they didn't refer to these pieces that way back then.  I think they were used on top of pianos...yes, a piano scarf, I think...

These pieces are some projects that I have been working on for the last week.  Finally finished, they are now in the shop.  Some people find them a bit creepy or edgy, but I see them as remnants from the past (doll heads) that I've recycled into art.  Just imagine who owned these dolls many years ago...I love the images in my mind that are conjured up when I start thinking about these things...where they've been, who owned them...knowing that they were well loved by some little girl somewhere.  The art pieces are a reflection of my quirky, funky, fun and colorful art style.  They include other elements and fragments from the past added to the doll heads to make new "bodies". One of them even caught the "denim delirium" bug that I've been passing around...she's wearing a denim collar!  

Oh, and these letters are now in the shop, as well.  Picked them up at an estate sale a while back, but just got around to putting a price tag on them.  I actually have lots of things that are waiting for tags...

I also brought in some magnets that I made using illustrations from old children's books. Faces.  I like to have some little inexpensive treasures available...these could make nice gifts.  I brought in a dozen, and have more to make...

The clocks...There's a story here...When we bought our 150 year-old farmhouse in Virginia in 1993, I just had to have an antique clock...very specifically, a Regulator tall case wall clock.  It had to be a time-keeper, as well as a striker...and it had to have a "pretty" sound.  It took me a while to find the perfect clock, but I did.  I purchased it from a man who had many clocks in his workshop.  I was amazed.  He could see the look in my eye and he predicted that I would become a clock collector. He was right.  I have clocks everywhere in my home and it drives hubby crazy when it's time to "fall back" or "spring forward"...it only takes a few hours to change them all!  Anyway, jump to current day...I found some great clocks at auction Sunday and had the winning bids for two of them!  They are beautiful!  The tags said they "worked", but I've got to work on them a bit to get them back to working.  These old spring-driven clocks are finicky and hate to be moved, so I need to show them some love to make them want to work again.  I don't know if they'll end up in the shop or not, because, well, the story I just told you.  I'm sort of attached to them already.  No, I'm actually in love with the first one, the Waterbury Clock Co. one...Just look at the details!

This next one, I will probably put in the shop.  I think more people will like it anyway, and I'm not as much in love with this one.  Which one do you like best?  

They are both beautiful clocks, each in their own way.   

And, then, this is the last find of the weekend...Here again, I'm not sure if I will keep it (for a while anyway) or put it in the shop.  I've actually been searching for one, just like this one, for my own bathroom.  I'm running out of surface area for all the hair stuff, and I was thinking if I had an old fashioned one with storage behind the mirror, it would be nice.  I'll clean it up and think on it while I work...

Well, that's it for my weekend pickins'...Most of it is already in the shop, and new things have been arriving almost daily.  I can't keep myself away from that place!  

Come see me!  Juju Queen's Junk is located inside Antiques at the Loop in Mobile, AL.

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