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"There are few days off and no retirement from this entanglement of knowledge, passion and vision that will be molded and converted into creative expression. There are no guarantees of acceptance, understanding or reward, but...the noise inside the mind never ceases. I will paint today, tonight and for as many tomorrows as I am given..." Words of the late artist Frank Howell...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesdays- Celebrating Color

Just two more posts and we've completed our trip around the amazing color wheel!  

Once that happens, then what?  Well, I think I'll go a little more in depth with color theory explanations...not too deep, but just a few more fun exercises and examples.  But we're not there yet, so let me get on with the program for today- celebrating yellow-orange.


Via Industrytap.com

...and amber.

Via Indianetzone.com

Sweet, sweet honey.

Via Medicalnewstoday.com

and some sort of fungus...Very interesting little things...

I love fungus. This one reminds me of fish scales. A fabric in Senegal that I didn't buy still haunts me to this day. It was beautiful! I was trying to show restraint  -Jas
Via ThePhotoArgus.com

A door in Portugal.  

Porto, Portugal
Via TPG13 on Flikr.com

An orange smoothie...wish I had one of these.  Looks so good...

Creamy Orange Smoothie  Ingredients  3 oranges half cup milk 3 ice cubes 1 or 2 tbsp honey cinnamon Instructions  Peel the oranges and cut them in big pieces. Put all the ingredients - except the ice - in the blender. Blend for about 30 seconds then stop and add the cubes of ice. Blend until smooth (1 minute or so).
Via FoodRecipesHQ.com

This pic shows the color with a little white added to it to give it a lighter feel...feels just like summer.

yellow bloom... love the hues!
Via Design Seeds.com

...and here is yellow orange with its complement, blue-violet.  Don't these colors look yummy together?  
Color Palette: I'll have a yellow dress. The ladies will be in the darker purple, and navy for the dudes, with orange accents for everyone.
Via CreativeIndexBlog.com

Here's what happens to yellow-orange when it's mixed with black...it becomes almost brown, or a warm version of gray.  Whatever you want to call it, it isn't a very attractive color when used alone, but a mix like this can become quite useful in artwork, especially on the canvas of an artist who paints in realism.  Can't you imagine this color in the shadows of a forest?

Via EmptyEasel.com

Well, that wraps up our yellow-orange celebration.  We will end our first trip around the color wheel next week, with yellow.  How appropriate, since the sun is finally making an appearance after a long winter!  Hopefully he will stick around next Wednesday to help us celebrate...

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