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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wednesdays- Celebrating Color

Here we go...Today it's all about red-orange.  Let's just start with the crayon!

Via Neutrois.me

It's easy to find flowers in this color...When God was creating flowers, He must have really liked red-orange.  Just search the internet for many pretty examples!

Via Becuo.com

Many different kinds of trees turn lots of different shades of red-orange during autumn each year.  This one is a beautiful example.

Via Commons.wikimedia.org

The good part of the red grapefruit is actually red-orange.

Via En.wikipedia.org

The Mexican Fire Opal is a gorgeous gemstone.  This one is a great example.  It's one of my favorites stones, and it's easy to see why...

Via Wallpaperest.com

Winter squash.  I've never seen any that look quite like these, but that's what they say it is!

Via www.turtletreeseed.com

Now, I'll show red-orange with its complement, blue-green.  If this seems familiar to you, it's because this is not the first time we've studied this combination.  Remember when we celebrated    blue-green?  (If you  would  like to go  back to revisit blue-green, here's  the link.) Now that we're halfway around the color wheel, we will be celebrating the complementary color schemes that we have visited before, only now it will be from the other side of  the color wheel.

Believe it or not, this is a quilt.  I thought it was a painting when I first saw it.  Can you see how well the complementary colors play together?  Very pretty.

Patina, contemporary abstract textile. Complementary colors:  red-orange and blue-green.
Via Kirsten Chursinoff on Flickr

Red-orange berries in a blue-green glass Ball jar.  Very simple and striking natural decor.
Birthday Berries - Home - Creature Comforts - daily inspiration, style, diy projects + freebies
Via Creaturecomfortsblog.com

Now, let me find something that shows us red-orange with white added to it...I think that would make a peach kind of color.  

Wow, this is a hard one to find!  I've found a "solid background" color swatch that is the color I'm looking for, but I'm having trouble finding a "thing" to show you.

Via Solidbackgrounds.com

I found something!  This is a great example, because it has several different shades, and it's so pretty!

vintage finds/colour blocking
Via Galleryapartmenttherapy.com

Now, let's see it shaded with a little black, to make the darker version of the color...

Orange crush.....................
Via Anthropologie

30 Fascinating Boho Chic Bedroom Ideas | Daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on Architecture, Art and Design
Via Theeclecticlife.wordpress.com

Hacienda Style Courtyard (Casa de Flores on Vista Parkway).  Capture the spirit of Mexico at http://lafuente.com
Via Architecturaldigest.com

I'm showing more decor photographs than I normally do in the color celebration posts, because as I was looking, I noticed a common thread in the majority of  home decor pics with this color-- they seemed to be in the southwestern part of the US.  This actually makes perfect sense when you think about it. Think "Arizona"...what color comes to mind?  Most of you probably answered red-orange!  That's the first color I thought of.  How cool is that? So, I wanted to share several so you could see what I'm talking about.

Well, that was a fun one.  Next week I will be celebrating orange.  That one should be fun, too. Hope you can come back then!

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  1. Although my favorite color changes about every seven years (isn't that weird?) I've been stuck in an orange mode for a very long time. I just love the warmth and joy of this happy color!

    1. I think my favorites come and go every few years, too. Not weird for us creative types...I was actually surprised that I would enjoy this color as much as I did, and I thought I knew myself well when it comes to color. It is indeed a very happy color!
      Thanks for reading and leaving nice comments!

  2. I love orange!! one of my faves!