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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesdays Celebrating Color- Red

Red.  This one's going to be fun!  I know I'm going to find lots and lots of things to share!

So, I'll just go ahead and start posting pics...

An apple- the red delicious variety.
Via secapporchard.com

Roses- red for love.

Via TheWowStyle.com

A gorgeous red ruby.

For a decade or so, it seemed like every car I bought was red.  It sort of became a joke, especially when the lawnmower we bought was red, as well.  So in honor of some of my old cars, I dug up pics of them (not actually them, but their identical twins)...

Via Edmunds.com

Via Motorauthority.com

...and, I can't leave the lawnmower out.
Craftsman Riding Mower
Via Thriftyfun.com

Oh, and this is the car I wish I could have.  Yes, red will be fine.

Via MyCardboardLamborghini.com

And, of course, a red phone booth...

red-phonebooth-big-ben-london-england-selective-coloring.jpg (1557×2600)
Via Blog.PosterJack.Ca

Never thought of a red umbrella before, but aren't they pretty?

Red + Paris, how could you go wrong with either?
Via Tanjand.livejournal.com

Bill Blass, winner of the Fashion Institute of Technology Lifetime Achievement Award (1999).
Via Crabtree-Valley-Mall.com
Red hot peppers...

The Top 20 Anti-inflammatory herbs used in the home.
Via Etsy.com
A beautiful red dress...

I am starting to be very inspired for winter, It may be the photographer's most overlooked season.  I just need some brave models, but look what we could do!!
Via Gvozdishe.com

Let's see some red with white added to it, otherwise known as pink.  Seems sort of yucky after looking at all the red....reminds me of the pink medicine you take for an upset stomach!

Google Image Result for http://cdn.indulgy.com/Y3/zB/7/113715959310796293oS7iaUBoc.jpg
Via Indulgy.com

What happens to red when you add black?

Valentino – I wish I was invited to a red carpet event or you know cinderellas ball!!! Then I could wear this beautiful dress!
Via Vogue.com

When you add white to the red, it becomes playful; when you add black to red, it becomes dramatic.  Playing with color is fun that way!  

Now, for a complementary color scheme of red and green....Let me see if I can find anything that's not Christmas.

mini caprese bites... drizzle with olive oil & balsalmic vinegar
Via Livingeventfully.com

Red Bridge - Aridagawacho, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan taken by PacoAlcantara
Via PacoAlcantara on Flickr

and, one more...

All things Italian - Fiat and cypress-lined street in Tuscany  land of dreams
Via TourItalyNow.com

Well, red was fun!  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  

Next week, we'll continue on around the color wheel and I'll be celebrating red-orange. Hope you can join me then.


  1. Judy,
    That first red dress is out of this world "BEAUTIFUL"!!!


    1. It sure is, Linda. This was a fun color...found lots and lots of pretty things. It was hard to choose what to use!
      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Red is such a fun color and I use it in my house all the time. I have an aunt who loves to wear red and looks great in it with her olive toned skin and dark eyes.

    1. You just reminded me of an aunt of mine who used to wear lots of red, too. Her husband, my mom's brother, was color blind, and he loved the color red, so he was always buying her gifts in red! I've always wondered how he saw it.
      Thanks for dropping by to read about red!