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Monday, February 2, 2015

The Library Had a Book Sale...


Twice a year, our local library has a book sale to thin out what they no longer find useful for their purposes.  Sometimes they have many copies of a book that was once popular and in demand, but no longer is, so they will sell off some of the copies.  Other times, they are just old and have not circulated in years, so those will go.  They have to purge the inventory occasionally to make way for new the books.  I love these sales and see them as an opportunity to stock up on books that I use in a number of ways:  

  • as display props for my jewelry photographs, 
  • as interior and seasonal decorating elements, 
  • as elements (pages or text) to use in my mixed-media artwork, 
  • and periodically, they are good books to actually read and make nice new additions to my home library (that post here).  Imagine that! 

Magic Man used as a prop for my jewelry...

I generally arrive upstairs in the reading room where the sale is held and spend an hour or more looking through the hundreds of books that are neatly arranged on library shelves, most according to the Dewey decimal system, just like in the current sections of the library. I usually start in the children's books, and see if there's anything that the children in our family would like to read.  I will snatch up anything that has good illustrations, as it seems our children appreciate nice art, too. I always grab any Scott O'Dell books that are available, because they speak to me still...they were my childhood favorites.   And I love finding RAMONA books by Beverly Cleary, because they have nice big text and good words that I find useful in my art...yes, I cut these.  (Please don't be mad at me Beverly if you ever read this.)

Then, I move on to the fiction section...there are lots and lots of these.  I usually just go through every shelf looking at titles.  If a snazzy title catches my eye, I'll grab it and put it in my stack of books to buy.  Here are some titles that caught my eye at this last sale:  

Magic Man by Ron Base

I love anything "magical" so that's why I picked this one, and it was black with purple foil lettering on the cover!  I love the title and the way it looks!  

When I got home and looked it up on Google, this is what I found...
  1. Magic Man
    Novel by Ron Base
  2. A charming novel of old Hollywood, first loves, and man with a touch of magic A mysterious young man named Brae Orrack arrives in Venice, California, in 1928, claiming to be a magic man who can turn stones to bees. Brae also comes carrying a curse. ...Google Books
  3. PublishedAugust 8, 2006

Now, I'm thinking I really need to read this one.  See what I mean?  You just never know what you're going to find, and I think this one is a treasure that I'm going to enjoy.

The Gypsy Man by Robert Bausch

I picked this one because of the title.  If you've followed my blog for any length of time, you know I'm all about Gypsy anything, and I'm even decorating a Gypsy themed room.  I'm just drawn to the Bohemian look that goes along with it...

Now, let me see what Google has to say about this book...

  1. The Gypsy Man

    Front Cover
    Harcourt Trade PublishersNov 1, 2003 - Fiction - 512 pages

    Looming large over Crawford, Virginia, knitting together the fears and superstitions of its inhabitants, is the legend of the Gypsy Man. Everyone knows he was kidnapped and returned as an infant, growing into an odd and dangerous adult, only to disappear again during..........
I found a link directly to the author's page where he talks about this book...Link here.

Looks like another good one to read.

Track of the Cat by Nevada Barr

I took the cover off and saw that this one was black and orange...and with that title, I figured it would be a good Halloween prop to put out under a bowl of candy corn when that season comes back around.  

Let's see what Google says about this one...

It seems Ms. Barr is a park ranger and wrote a series of books, with this being the first one...murder mysteries- Maybe I'll read this one too, and then still use it under that bowl of candy corn!  To see what Ms. Barr had to say about this book, click here.  I will admit I'm a bit intrigued after reading what was on her page!

This One and Magic Life by Anne Carroll George 

I picked this one because it had that word "magic" in the title.  It's not a particularly pretty book, but that title...

Now, let me see what it's about.

Via Barnes & Noble...


In the deep South, where love and hatred run deep and close, dissension often summers just beneath the surface.When a family gathers for a funeral as its old homestead above the waters of Mobile Bay, it must carry out the last wish of the aunt and sister whom it has come to mourn. It is a wish that will unearth a terrible secret, one that will either tear her siblings and their offspring apart or allow them to accept buried memories, wounds , and love.
In This One and Magic Life, Anne Carroll George has created as brilliant portrait of a Southern family in all its glory, captured in a moment of searing intensity and lyric truth. Rich with wisdom and deep understanding this compelling saga the twentieth century — and tells a story that is truly timeless.
Well now, this one could be an interesting read as well...It's set in the area that I call home. Guess I gotta read this one, too.

Because I'm supposed to be writing just a blog post and not an actual book here, I'll stop sharing what I bought for this post, except to say that I got all four of these great (in many ways!) books for a grand total of $1!  Yep, a quarter each...Can't beat that.  

I'll share more about our great library (which by the way is the best one in the country!) in another post soon.  You will not believe how gorgeous it is..  Hint:  It was once a church. 

I will also share a post showing you another way I like to use discarded books...it's something I didn't touch on in this post...So you'll have to come back!

Check out your local library...It probably has an annual sale or something similar, too.  And, as you can see, there are treasures to be found.  

Thanks for visiting with me today.

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  1. I love the way really old books look. They're great for shelf displays and also for photo backgrounds. I'd probably have a problem tearing out pages and/or cutting them up. It's a similar hangup to being afraid of painting perfectly good furniture and brick. I would read books but I have a problem in my old age. I fall asleep! I'm thinking of getting into audiobooks eventually.