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Monday, February 9, 2015

Southern Bloggers Jubilee Members Meet at Mini War Game in Fairhope

The Southern Bloggers Jubilee members got together last Tuesday for our monthly meeting in Fairhope. We always try to meet at a different location each month to check out a local business and then we blog about them.  Jon Mansmann welcomed us to Mini War Game, located on Fairhope Avenue right in the middle of downtown Fairhope.   Most of the bloggers in attendance were moms (or grand-moms!) and we honestly didn't know a lot about the games that are played and sold here, but Jon was full of information about exactly what they do, and I, for one, left with a new appreciation for "gaming" and would encourage anyone who had wondered about this place to take your kids (or yourself) and  see if it's something they or you might enjoy.

Banner hanging out front...


Well stocked shelves await gamers inside.

Mini War Game is very family oriented. Jon and his wife, Stephanie, have a son of their own, and when other children come in to play games there, it's as if they become family members, too.  They provide a warm and friendly environment with room for games to be set out and played on tables, and they provide dinner from time to time for their "extended family" members.  Jon gets so excited talking about these games and the relationships they have formed with many people over the years; it was actually through gaming that he met Stephanie. It's easy to see that he does what he loves and loves what he does. The kids that play here grow to respect Jon and Stephanie and they become positive role models...if you've ever had a teenager, you know what I'm saying here...sometimes it's hard to get through to them, or even get them to talk to or acknowledge you as a parent or adult. But with Jon it's easy for the kids to look up to him, because he's the "cool" guy at the game place. They listen to him, and respect his take on things...He gets on their backs about keeping grades up and such things, and it means something to the kids.  He makes sure that they know to RSVP on facebook, or they don't get their dinner on food nights...teaching them valuable social skills.  Now, before I lead you to believe that it's all about kids, let me correct that right here. I think he told us their youngest gamer is six or seven, but he was wanting us to play too, and like I said, some of us are grandparents. Games can be enjoyable for "kids" of all ages!  

In addition to board games, they sell cards and related figures that go along with the games. If they don't have what you want, just ask.  I'm sure Jon can get it for you.

Jon tells us about Mini War Game as a fellow blogger
takes notes.

Jon introduces us to Dave.

We met Dave who was there preparing for Board Games with Dave, an event that happens every Tuesday.  I understand Dave never goes anywhere without board games in his car.  If you like board games, you need to  meet Dave!

In addition to board games, they sell
cards and related figures.

I noticed a hanging banner "Magic" and remembered seeing cards and a game like that here at our house.  Our son started playing the game in college and still does, in between work, pool tournaments and other obligations.  I need to tell him about this place as soon as I run into him again...he's so busy, I don't know when that will be...I wonder if he reads his mom's blog...hmmm.

And, since I'm all about magical things, I shared my magic wand with Jon and Dave!  Well, I didn't have the actual piece with me, but I shared this pic on my blog post....Okay, I know this probably had absolutely nothing to do with the games, but that's sort of the way our meetings go anyway!  We tend to jump all over the place, but we cover lots of subjects and learn a lot from one another.  Okay, now back to Mini War Game...

Link to blogpost about The Juju Stick...

Kaylea Saucier of The Courier wrote a piece on Mini War Game in 2013.  She painted the picture beautifully.  Link to that article is here.

If this sounds like something you want to know more about, visit their facebook page here. MiniWarGame on facebook

Thank you Jon, for your hospitality!  We enjoyed it.

Now, what did we talk about related to blogging?  Well, first of all, we welcomed another newcomer, Donna Weber, M.A., LPC.  Her blog is www.ReclaimYourTrueEmotions.com.  It was good to meet you, Donna, and I hope to see you again next month.  Also in attendance were writers of the following great blogs:  Crafty Hope, Clamco, and Flower Child Designs. We discussed Etsy shops and particulars related to that, social media buttons, and some other bloggers and Etsy shops that we admire.  Then the conversation turned to lunch...We settled on Sandra's Place (facebook link here) that was conveniently located almost next door, and we all four ordered the same thing!  It was sort of funny that chicken salad sounded good to all of us, but then put it into a grilled sandwich, add cheese and bacon, and it becomes irresistible!  It was delicious and I will definitely have to try that again.  For such a tiny place, they've got their act together, too!  The food was ready almost before we got to our table, which was outside on the patio next to the patio heater which made it so comfy and toasty on a cold day.  All in all, it was a very enjoyable meeting/lunch with my blogger buddies and I'm already looking forward to next month!

As always, if you are a blogger and live in South Alabama or close enough to drive, we would like to welcome you to join us.  For more info on Southern Bloggers Jubilee, click here and talk to our leader, Kim.  Or, to learn more about our meetings by reading my blog posts about SBJ, click on the tab at the top of my blog.


  1. Judy,
    You captured the day perfectly, right down to the chicken salad sandwich!

    1. Thank you, Lorraine. Those were indeed some good sandwiches!