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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fab Fashion Fridays

These sample pieces in the outfits I've been putting together from this site Polyvore are usually very expensive, so I decided to use items from Target.com today, so that I'm actually showing things that are readily available to us all at a decent price point. The bags are still the high end ones, but they are easy to substitute for whatever you have that you want to use.  Any basic black bag would work, but it can also be an opportunity to add a fun splash of color to the look.  I started the set with the dress. I'm getting spring fever and wanted to think about a dress that would work for that transitional period before we go to the summer looks.  This dress has 3/4 length sleeves, so it's perfect for now.  On cooler days, just top it with a sweater or jacket. It stands out with a fabulous color palette and is a great style for many over 50 figures. It is shown with a simple tie belt, but it could just as well be worn without it. The shirt dress is going to be very popular this spring and summer- I'm seeing it everywhere. Oh, and the best part is the price.  $29.99.  I've also picked options when it comes to the shoes that would work well with the dress, and with heels that are not too high, not too flat...just right.  They also come from Target.com.  Most of these items state that they are not available in the stores, so they have to be ordered online.  You can follow the links below to take you to the website.

Fabulous Transitional Dress from Target

Mary jane


Givenchy leather tote bag
$2,230 - harrods.com

Vivienne Westwood black tote
$640 - vanmildert.com

Fiorelli pocket bag
$44 - theiconic.com.au

LSA International miniature glass vase
$15 - occa-home.co.uk

Black home decor

I did not receive compensation from Target or any of the other merchants above for endorsements in this post.  

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