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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday- Celebrating Color

Welcome to the third post in the series, Celebrating Color.  If you missed the first two, you can go to the Wednesday- Celebrating Color page to get links to them.  Today we will be looking at blue-green.

Blue-Green is a color that I've become quite fond of over the last year or so.   It's so peaceful and reminds me of peacocks, the ocean, and a gemstone called tourmaline.  You will sometimes see similar colors called turquoise or teal...they are all just variations of blue-green.

Aquamarine Paint Colors -- Uh! These are absolutely gorgeous. Maybe as a bathroom color or an accent wall. I've had my entire room painted a blue color similar to one of these & it was entirely too much. :) These colors are amazing though & I could absolutely find a use for these!
Via Bhg.com

Centsational Girl » Blog Archive Kauai Beach Cottage » Centsational Girl
Via Centsationalgirl.com

Don't skimp on the backplash! This moroccan tile uplifts the entire room.
Via BobVilla.com

Google Image Result for http://www.personal.psu.edu/afr3/blogs/SIOW/green-eyes-people-with-green-eyes-24760259-768-1024.jpg
Via Wattpad.com

Mark Patterson Ocean View. Indicolite, or Blue Green Tourmaline Ring with Diamonds. My favorite.
Via MarkPatterson.com

Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about toning down colors (with black or grey) to get a more traditional feel?  Well, here are some examples of blue-green used in that way.

Photo Credit: Audra Melton. A sideboard in an Atlanta home. <br><b><em><a href="http://gardenandgun.com/article/trail-silver-thief"target="_blank">>Read the full article here</a></em></b></br>
Via Gardenandgun.com

Via Celebrateusa.hubpages.com

Over-Dyed Persian Tabriz Design Wool Rug - Teal Blue Green - 4ft. 9in. x 7ft. 8in.
Via Hautelook.com

Add white to lighten up the look.  This relaxing color is commonly used in coastal homes, both inside and out.

A lively paint job makes the floor an accent wall. The floor paint on this porch, a few shades darker than the watery blue-green walls, offers a fresh alternative to the usual gray. | Photo: Mark Lohman | thisoldhouse.com
Via Thisoldhouse.com

love these colors - reminds me of our days living on Bainbridge Island when I would take the boy and the dog to the beach every day to play and hunt for beach glass
Via Centsationalgirl.com

Craftberry Bush: Large glass buoys DIY
Via Craftberrybush.com

Let's go back up there and look at the color wheel...go straight across from blue-green and find the complement.  It's red-orange.  Remember when I explained how "complementary colors" work together make one another really stand out and sparkle?  These next few pics are examples of that color theory.

This lovely art quilt by Lorraine Roy, Escarpment #34, is a beautiful example of complementary red-orange and blue-green.
Quilt art via lroytextileart.com by Lorraine Roy

Adding this color combination to our list of favorites: rust orange + cool teal + charcoal gray. More orange #decorating ideas: http://www.bhg.com/decorating/color/paint/orange-home-decorating-ideas/?socsrc=bhgpin082112DecoratingInOrange=1
Via Theinspiredroom.net

Maybe accent with red in mine...http://comfortb.hubpages.com/hub/Turquoise-Decorating-Ideas-Plus-Pictures-of-Turquoise-with-coral-Lime-Green-and-Orange-Blend
Via Comfortb.hubpages.com

That was fun...it's always fun to just go searching for color!  Just search for a specific color (I use Google), then click on images.  It's amazing what all you can find...

I hope you'll join me back here again next Wednesday as I explore blue...another favorite.



  1. I love that colour I diyed my hair that way! Beautiful post! Janina from http://feathertrjbe.blogspot.de/

    1. Thank you, Janina! Wow...I don't know if I would be bold enough now to do my hair that color, but I probably would have done it in my younger days! Sounds fun.
      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. That photo of the sideboard from Garden and Gun speaks to my lil' ole' heart! I adore using this color with silver because it somehow sets it off to look even better!

    1. I agree, Leslie Anne. And it's so Southern feeling...like you've just stepped inside from the huge front porch with big white columns...

    2. I agree, Leslie Anne. And it's so Southern feeling...like you've just stepped inside from the huge front porch with big white columns...

  3. Hi Judy!
    Thanks so much for coming by :0)
    Love this post . . . and the gorgeous shades of blue. I've come to really appreciate many shades of blue (and green) over the last few years, as I find them cheerful - yet CALMING.
    Love the photos you shared!
    Have a great weekend,

    1. ...and, thank you for coming by my place!

  4. I am in love with that quatrefoil backsplash and the photo from Garden and Gun! Very drool worthy!

    1. Yes, Heather, those two are great! This is a wonderful color and I was amazed at how many wonderful pics I found...That backsplash was one of my favorites!