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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wednesday- Celebrating Color

Have you ever even thought about what the world would look like in black and white?  It would be so depressing and drab.  I pray that I never lose my sight - I find it hard to even think about it for more than a few seconds...Color plays a huge part in our moods and feelings, probably more than we can even imagine.  I'm going to start a new event here on the blog each Wednesday- A Celebration of Color. I will work my way around the fabulous color wheel with pics that I've curated each week that speak to me, and scream COLOR!  

I'm going to kick off this new event with my favorite...If you're reading this on the blog right now, just look to your right and left for a big, bright hint!  GREEN, but more specifically, a bright green that leans toward yellow on the color wheel.  

Now, if you follow my blog and art, you know I'm all about really bright versions of colors...If you want to calm the colors down a bit, you can either add a little white to lighten it up or a little black to ground it.  They're all pretty in the right places, with the latter two options being found in traditional decor.  The lighter versions are pretty in cottage or beach looks... I will close out the post with some pics showing the more traditional (lighter and darker) versions of the color so that there's something here for everyone!  Okay, let's get this green party started...with the bright stuff!

judypimperl.blogspot.com  Via Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. This door shows just how incredible the colours in Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan are. There are so many different combinations to try and they look amazing.

judypimperl.blogspot.com via vernanda blanco- blanco.fernanda1967@gmail.com
Via Fernanda Blanco

judypimperl.blogspot.com  via Apartment Therapy
Via Apartment Therapy

judypimperl.blogspot.com  via ParsleySageSweet.com Fresh Green Apple Ice using whole green apples. Forget sorbet or ice cream, this stuff is the nectar of the gods and just as creamy. Perfect summer or anytime treat! Fat Free, Dairy Free, and Low Sugar. NO Food Color, all natural.
Via ParsleySageSweet

judypimperl.blogspot.com  via younghouselove.com  Exterior Doors | summer project: match your plants to the color of your front door, it will make your house stand out amongst the neighbors | Bayer Built Woodworks
Via Young House Love

Judypimperl.blogspot.com Old brass door handle-Mineral Museum, Marburg, Germany. A piece of art! Photo by John S. Holmes
Photo:  John S. Holmes

judypimperl.blogspot.com  via  centsationalgirl love when I can find lime green flowers at the store!!
Via Centsational Girl

judypimperl.blogspot.com via Bright Bold and Beautiful Blog Bright Bold and Beautiful, Daily inspiration since 2009
Via Bright Bold Beautiful

Judypimperl.blogspot.com Via This Silly Girl's Life55+ Fall Outfit Ideas - This Silly Girl's LifeThis Silly Girl's Life
Via This Silly Girl's Life

judypimperl.blogspot.com  via Apartment Therapy- Bree & Andy's DC Home Hits the Bright Spot
Via ApartmentTherapy.com

judypimperl.blogspot.com   via  Home decor ideas 1 blogLarge family  want to take a pic like this when we come to BB @Valerie Reynolds Lawson @Amber Shaffer
Via HomeDecorIdeas1.blogspot.com.uk

The next few pics show examples of the greyed down versions of the color, like you would find in the more traditional setting.  Although, I will note that the traditional French chair is still a little funky!   I think I would be very comfortable with that chair in my home...

judypimperl.blogspot.com via ceciliarosslee.blogFrench Victorian wing back tufted chair with a beautiful wood trim and bright green crushed velvet fabric - inspiration from #chinatownefurniture
Via Ceciliarosslee.blogspot.com
judypimperl.blogspot.com via evolutionsofstyle blog
Via EvolutionsofStyle.blogspot.com
judypimperl.blogspot.com Via Colin Cowie Weddings   Submerged green apples and dried hydrangeas make a great centrepiece for any table, wedding or event.
Via Colin Cowie Weddings

judypimperl.blogspot.com  via Bright Bold and Beautiful Blog- 12 Colorful Front Doors | Home | Bright Bold and Beautiful Blog
Via BrightBoldBeautiful.com
And, here is an example of the color with white added to give a more cottage or beachy feel, and it's paired with a gorgeous blue...I LOVE this combination.

judypimperl.blogspot.com  via designseeds.com  -boarded brights - I wish summer would finaly come to switzerland - we miss the sun
Via Design-Seeds.com

If you like what you see, there's more on my Green Pinterest board, here, where I will continually be adding more green eye candy.

Thanks for visiting me today...I hope this little dose of color brought a moment of happiness to your day!


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  1. This will be a fun series to follow, because I love color! Even though lately I'm pulled toward orange, I find my favorite color changes about every seven years. Isn't that strange? I once had a house with a red kitchen, orange living room and bright blue playroom. Green was the color I chose for my bridesmaid's dresses. Love it!

    1. Thank you, Leslie Anne! It'll be great having you along as we play around the color wheel. That seven year thing is interesting...I change mine every few years, too, but this green love affair has been around for four or five of years now...I've just changed the colors that I've paired with the green. I did have black with the green, and now it's mostly blue with the green...What would we do without color?

  2. I definitely need color in my life and am drawn to more blues, but I do seem to incorporate green here and there when I find a piece that speaks to me. Fun post!
    Mary Alice

    1. Hi Mary Alice! Stick around for a couple of weeks and I'll be around to blue on the color wheel. Thanks for the visit and sweet comment!

  3. I am loving all the greens! I am a fan of color and it being used a lot! Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate you stopping in...I'm looking forward to sharing more color blasts on Wednesdays to come. Next will be blue-green...

  4. I love lime green, but alas I have none in my house, just some of my clothes. I may have to change that!

    1. It's a fun color......but, then, there are no bad colors on the color wheel. They're all great. It's all about how they're used. Keep me posted...I want to see what you do with the lime green if you decide to bring it into the house!

    2. I really missed seeing you today at the bloggers meeting. I even wore a lime green shirt just for you. Hope you're feeling better. :-)

    3. Oh, I missed being there with you all, too! Did anyone take pics? I want to see your shirt! I'm feeling better now that I'm up and around...it's just old age aches and pains that are bad when it's so dang cold. Can't wait till the next meeting...

    4. I don't know if I'm in any pictures, but everyone was taking tons of photos. Eventually you'll see what went on as each of us posts about it over the next week or so. There's a photo of the back of my head on the company's facebook page. I'm wearing my winter coat though. What about these temps?

  5. Great post and pics, Judy! It's my favorite shade of green--a nice, acidic yellow-green! My favorite is the first pic (of chalk paint). It makes me want to do a painting right now using those colors!

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Caren! That Annie Sloan color combo is great, and I can see why it makes you want to paint!

  6. I too, change favorite home decor colors but the one color that makes my heart sing is pink! ;)

    Thank u for stopping by my Let's Talk Vintage post and for linking up!!!

    1. ...and, thank you for dropping by my place, too!

  7. Judy,
    Great post about color. I don't have a lot of color in my home right now...but who knows that could change at any moment. I do have one guest room with some color.


    1. Thank you, Linda! Lack of color can be pretty, too! It's all about how we pull the look together, and your look is beautiful!