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"There are few days off and no retirement from this entanglement of knowledge, passion and vision that will be molded and converted into creative expression. There are no guarantees of acceptance, understanding or reward, but...the noise inside the mind never ceases. I will paint today, tonight and for as many tomorrows as I am given..." Words of the late artist Frank Howell...

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Two Grand Failures in One Day

I hope you've had a better day than I have had.  One failure a day should be enough for each person, but I've had two today.  Maybe it's God's way of reminding me that I'm not as smart as I  think I am.  Seriously  though, when I look at the big picture, things are alright...I've just lost a couple of hours of time.  Let me explain.

I went to make a cup of coffee this morning in the Keurig machine and discovered I was out of flavored coffee K-cups.  I almost always drink flavored coffee, only drinking regular if there's nothing else.  So I remembered that I had purchased the little filter thing that you can fill with your own coffee.  I opened it and filled it with Folgers hazelnut creme coffee and stuck it in the machine to brew.  It kept giving me a message that I needed to be using a K-cup that fits that machine...Well, it is supposed to fit.  I looked at the package again to verify- Yes, it should fit.  I tried it once, then twice more...still that stupid message appeared.  Not to be outdone, I decided that I could probably make my own flavored coffee using a regular breakfast coffee K-cup and adding vanilla extract to it.  You see, I drink my coffee unsweetened anyway, so I just want a hint of flavoring that is something besides just coffee. Well, it didn't work...not just like almost didn't work, but it was terrible!  I know you can purchase bottles of syrup, which I've done, but they make it taste sweet; even the "unsweetened" syrups are sweetened with something, just not sugar.  Oh well, I need to order some more little cups of flavored coffee...and until then, I'll be drinking regular coffee.

I'm remembering a story that I read on facebook last week about a woman who went into Wal-Mart and purchased a couple of bottles of vanilla extract, gulped it down, and by the time she went to drive away in her car, she couldn't find her way out of the parking lot. (Link to that story here)  Police were called and her blood alcohol registered three times the legal limit. Turns out those innocent little bottles of vanilla flavoring were 41% alcohol. So...knowing this, I used only a teaspoon of the stuff in my 10 oz. cup of coffee...Just wanted to clarify that part of my story so that you're not thinking the next failure was because of the alcohol in my coffee!  

Failure number two began when I realized what a beautiful day it was...like yesterday, except no wind today.  Good!  I should finally be able to spray paint my iron bed.  I'm anxious to get it painted so that I can put it in the Gypsy Room that I'm working on.  

15310 Koi Pond Satin from Lowe's

What a beautiful job!  It's all finished now, and in an hour, we should be able to take it inside and put the mattress set on it!  It's going to look great with the comforter set and everything that I've been doing in the room.  Right?


On our way outside to get the bed, hubby mentioned that it looked "small" for our mattress. He, being the man that he is, got out a measuring tape and measured our mattresses...then we went to measure the bed frame that I had just painted.  I could have sworn that I remembered having a queen size mattress on that bed before.  It turns out my memory is letting me down lately...It's a full size bed.  (If the mattress was just a few inches shorter, I could get away with the width being a little too wide, as the frame is made in such a way that it sits on top of the rails, not down in them.)  It will not work.  Hubby reminded me that we do like to snuggle in bed, so we could just go purchase a full size mattress set and still use the bed. I'm not sure about that though...I think I would miss those extra few inches of mattress over on my side.  For now, the bed is out on the porch.  All is not lost.  I will have a sleeping porch once again, with a really pretty blue bed, and I'll just rethink the bed for the Gypsy Room. It's just going to take a little while longer.  Stay tuned.

If you're wondering about those sizes...here they are.

Crib Mattress:  28" x 52"

Twin Mattress:  39" x 75"

Long Twin Mattress:  36" x 80"

Full Size Mattress:  54" x 75"

Queen Size Mattress:  60" x 80"

King Size Mattress:  76" x 80"

California King Size Mattress:  72" x 84"

I'm sort of mad at myself about the bed problem.  I always measure.  But this one time, I didn't.  I will not make that mistake again.  Live and learn.  I did.

See you next week!

Update added 1/19/15...Thank goodness for Google and Youtube!  I found the way around the Keurig problem and I'm happy to report that all is working now after applying the fix to trick the machine into thinking it's one of their K-cups.  I write this as I'm enjoying a nice flavored coffee...Maybe today will be a better day.



  1. We had a big discussion about Keurigs at the meeting we had at Fairhope Roasting Company. I personally don't like them, especially because they force you to use their products. Apparently though, there are ways of making them work the way you wanted. I think you can probably look online and find a video on how to do it.
    As for the bed. Well, I love the color! I think I would have been pretty upset to find I had purchased the wrong size too. All that planning of the room and now you have to rethink the whole thing. You could always resell the bed if you don't have a place for it, but a sleeping porch sure sounds nice! Sometimes things are meant to be. Just think, you may find something even better!

    1. Yes, Lorraine, about those coffee machines...those little pods are expensive, too. I drink my coffee weaker than most, so I can get two or three cups out of one K-cup, so that helps. I usually put 4 oz. of water first, then 6 oz. coffee with the first two and then it still seems too strong. Most people wouldn't even call what I drink coffee! lol I am going to research my problems online this morning, and there's a phone number I'm supposed to call to get more info as well...We shall see.
      Thank you for loving the color of my bed! It is a great color, bright and happy. I don't think I could ever sell that bed. I love it too much. And, I had it on the porch a couple of years ago with an inflatable mattress on it until the cats decided to chew holes in the edges. I loved taking afternoon naps out there, so I just need to get another mattress for it. And the bedding (comforter) will still work...it was a full/queen, so I'm still okay there. Just need to figure out the bed or at least a headboard. I've got some ideas since I had time to sleep on it.
      Thank you for reading and commenting. I love your way of looking at things!

  2. I was going to suggest you go to youtube for the coffee problem. My husband has researched every way in the world for hacking the K-cup problem. There's a little magnet you can get at Radio Shack for $3 that allows you to use other brands.

    As for the mattress - dang! What a headache! But it looks fabulous!

    1. I'll have to go to Radio Shack and check out that magnet. I'm afraid the hack I used is just temporary...where you cut the upper rim off a real K-cup and attach it up underneath the thing that "scans" and "recognizes" whether or not it's real. You tape it on and I know that's not going to last very long with that steam and heat. Thanks for that suggestion.
      I think I'm already working on another idea for the bed...sort of a canopy. I'll share if it works...I'm not sharing anymore failures! Lol