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Friday, January 16, 2015

Fab Fashion Friday

Welcome to Fab Fashion Friday at Sharing My World!  Although it may seem like I'm venturing into a new area to blog about, fashion was my first creative love.  You see, before my career took me into the visual and fine art field over thirty years ago, I was a Fashion Coordinator and Display Artist or Window Trimmer (now known as Visual Merchandiser I believe...things change).  I spent every penny I earned on fashionable clothing and shoes...and bags...and other accessories.  I've never stopped loving fashion, it's just not what I "do" everyday anymore.  

I'm feeling a little frumpy now that I'm of a certain age...we'll just say over fifty.  I should be FUNKY, not frumpy, so I decided to get online and start looking for some new fresh looks for ladies my age. We have to think about so many things now that just never entered our minds in decades past.  Like making sure our pants or jeans waistband sits just at the right place so that we don't get the "spillage" over (aka muffin top) thing happening, but we don't want really high waisted jeans either, because that's just not in style at all.  We have to find that perfect place for that waistband to fall.  And I don't know about you, but I just don't feel comfortable in tight jeans anymore.  It somehow doesn't feel appropriate either.  And it's probably a good idea to wear longer tops once we hit this age.  I mean, who among us wants to show a floppy, sagging or oversized butt?  So keeping these things in mind, I'm pulling together collections that will work for us and little tips will be scattered about in the posts.  We can still enjoy a fun, fashionable wardrobe.  I will show you how!

Today, I'm going to share a casual look that I put together via Polyvore.  If you haven't yet discovered Polyvore, it's fun!  You need to try it if you liked to play with paper dolls as a child. I will share the collections here with links back to my pages on Polyvore so that you can see details and purchase info on each piece in the collection.  

Now, before you all write in and tell me, I do realize that some of these items are very expensive.  Keep in mind that they are examples...many knockoffs and substitutions can be found wherever you shop.  Look at the styles, cuts and color stories and shop for similar pieces.

My Collection at Polyvore

Because I am a little funky and love lots of color, I started this collection with the artsy top as my inspiration piece.  Is it crazy fun or what?  Of course it needed jeans because it's just casual, and I topped it off with a burnt orange biker's jacket in leather.  These little short boots have a nice stable heel and are a great look with the jeans.  I would probably start my day wearing these, but then I would have one of the flats handy for when I'm tired of the heels. And, now for the accessories...I think every lady (by the time they reach their fifties) has figured out that we just need a BIG bag.  But don't fill it with junk!  No, that's a bad plan...a recipe for a backache, and it makes it hard to find what you need!  I love a leather hobo bag that's got a long shoulder strap so that it can be wrapped around and then held in the front for safety to prevent someone from easily snatching it from you. Oh, and leather is always good because it lasts forever...Add some turquoise bling on the ears and finger and that's it!  How's that for Fab Fashion for the Fun & Funky (not Frumpy) Lady Over 50?

Tip:  When it comes to shoes, we  need  stability- long gone are the   stiletto days!  I like to always have at least two pairs of shoes that will work with each outfit so that I can switch them out when my feet get tired or hurt.  I will wear heels, but they have to be fall-proof and provide really good support.  I have found clogs to be dangerous, as they tend to cause me to twist my ankles and it makes my toes tired just trying to keep them on!  

I was just reminded of a funny thing that happened back when I worked in fashion...this happened a lot.  Let me tell you about it.

I had "tricks" to keep the clothing neatly arranged in windows on the mannequins, one of them being to use tiny wire or fishing line to hold shirts or blouses inside pants and skirts.  I would loop a piece through the center back of the top, under the crotch, and then I would catch the front center...it was then pulled and tied off to secure it into place.  Well, I did that so frequently that sometimes if I was wearing a shirt tucked in that was trying to slip out, I would automatically think, "I'll just wire it."...Don't worry... I did snap back into reality before I actually wired my clothes on!

This has been a lot of fun pulling together the outfits.  Now, I just need to go shopping! 

I hope you enjoy this new addition to my blog and if you know of someone who struggles to find appropriate and fashionable looks for our age group, encourage them to join me.  I would love to have them!

Thanks for hanging out with me and I hope you have a great weekend!


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