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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Easy Valentine's Day DIY Conversation Heart Necklace

I made lots of these a couple of years ago when I had an art gallery and they sold like crazy. They were intended to be for the kids...but a funny thing happened - the grown up ladies liked them, too.  I thought this would be a fun little easy DIY to share with you since the holiday of hearts and love is right around the corner.   If you would like one, but you'd rather not make it, I have just a few left in my shop, JujuQueen, and they're on sale through February 4th, 2015.  If you do want to try your hand at making them, read on...

What you will need:

  • Candy conversation hearts
  • 2-part Epoxy Resin (available in paint department at Lowe's)
  • Popsicle sticks for stirring
  • Several disposable glass or heavy plastic containers for mixing resin
  • No stick craft mat, waxed paper or parchment paper
  • Drill, drill press or Dremel type tool with tiny drill bit
  • Head pins from jewelry making department of your favorite craft store
  • Ball chains or ribbon
  • Emery board to clean up edges

You will need to have everything set up and ready to work quickly, as the epoxy resin has a short window of work time, and can't be left in mixing bowl if it's plastic. (It will melt plastic container.)  Also, make sure you're working in a dust free environment...(I have cats, so I have to work in the studio where they don't go), otherwise dust and hair will find a way into the resin and drive you crazy!

Pick out the hearts that you wish to use, and lay them out on your prepared (waxed paper or one of the other options) surface, face down.  You will apply resin to the back first. 

Mix a very small (as per instructions on box) amount until you learn how far it goes.  You don't need as much as you would think.  Once it's mixed, put a little on the backside of each heart and spread it around with the Popsicle stick.  It is self leveling, so you don't have to get it perfect with the stick. Allow them to dry, then turn them over with front facing up.  

You will need to mix another small batch (use a clean container) of the resin for the front sides.  Mix and repeat as above.

Let dry and check for any missed spots.  If you find spots that need to be covered, mix another small amount and touch up.  It is important that they are completely encapsulated in the resin, or they will break down over time.

When dry, if you have rough or uneven edges, you can clean them up with the emery board. Then drill tiny holes through the top center.  Using simple jewelry making techniques, insert head pin so that head is in the front.  Bend pin upward and wrap pin around round nose pliers, then down around to wrap.  Wrap three times, then snip with wire cutters. Using your flat nose pliers, flatten cut end so that sharp edges can't be felt.

"I'm In Love" Pink Conversation Heart Necklace

"I Heart You" Green Conversation Heart Necklace

"I'm In Love" Orange Conversation Heart Necklace

"Too Cool" White Conversation Heart Necklace

"You Rock" Lavender Conversation Heart

I just took these pictures last week, and these pieces are three years old, so they do hold up well.  The only thing I've noticed is that the colors have faded very slightly over the years...not much, but if you turn them over and look at the back, you can tell.

Let me know if you make these, and how it worked out for you.  

I also have other Valentine's Day gift options available in my shop also, with a sale going until February 4, 2015.  Would love to have you visit...link here.  JujuQueen

Thanks for dropping by!  I appreciate my readers...

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