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Friday, November 7, 2014

Collecting Colorful Fall Leaves to Preserve

This is going to be a two-part post.  It's that long, and to shorten it would mean that I would have to delete a lot of really pretty pics.  So, with that said, here is the first post, Collecting Colorful Fall Leaves to Preserve. The second part will be Preserving Colorful Fall Leaves Using Mod-Podge, where I will share the process and the gorgeous finished leaves.


A few days ago, I saw something online showing how to preserve fall leaves using Mod-Podge. I don't remember where it was, but it was so simple, I just read it and tucked the idea into the back of my brain, thinking maybe I could get around to trying it before Thanksgiving.  

Fast forward to today.

My birthday was yesterday, and my husband took a couple of days off work to celebrate with me. He asked what I wanted to do today, and I remembered the leaf project and thought it would be fun to take a walk in the woods looking for pretty leaves to preserve. He was so surprised, because I NEVER walk in the woods...you see, his crazy wife is deathly afraid of snakes and spiders, and we have lots of both.  Anyway, it was sort of cold today, so I thought if snakes were out, they would be slow.  I don't know if that's a fact or not, that they move slowly in cooler weather, but thinking it was so helped me to go walking in the woods today, and thankfully we didn't see any.  We saw several spiders, but hubby was watching out for me and warned me when he saw a big web that I was about to walk into, face first (and the reason that I didn't see them would be because I was looking down, for snakes).......

Headed into the woods with cutters...

...and a limb saw.
We found lots of pretty leaves!  Here, hubby cuts a limb full of red ones...

And, green ones that were just turning red...

We found many, many branches that I wanted to cut.  I wanted lots so that I would have options...Here was a yellow tree.

  ...and another beautiful red tree.

There were interesting leaves and other neat things on the ground (that I saw because I was watching for snakes)...

And, when we made it down to the creek, I was so surprised that I was able to walk around and get pics of the cypress knees in the swamp.  There's usually water there, but it's been dry, so we were able to walk right up to them!

I don't know why, but this swamp shot has weird round orbs floating around...eerie.

Here's a tall cypress tree...I didn't know they turned brown in fall, but hubby's educated on the subject, and he tells me it's normal.

Then, we went on over to the creek so that hubby could show me where he puts the canoe in the water.  I've never been in the canoe either...snakes like to hang out on limbs that hang over the creek, and you have to go under them.  No, he'll never get me into that canoe with him.

Pretty red and yellow leaves were floating in the water.

Here's a shot looking up a really big pine tree.

On our way back, we spotted this "cat face" on a tree stump.  It is a remnant from years ago, left to rust away, from when turpentine was commonly harvested in this area.

*Note:  This is meaningful to my husband because, as a child, he helped his dad "dip" or harvest sap that was used to make turpentine.  Click here for images that show dipping turpentine and more cat faces.

We stepped a little closer to get a better look.

With this "cat face" pic my camera batteries died, so we headed back to the house.  We brought home our bountiful harvest of gorgeous colored leaves, and dropped them onto the floor outside so that I could sort through them to pick out the ones I wanted to preserve.

This is a good place to end Part One-Collecting Colorful Fall Leaves to Preserve.  I hope you'll check back tomorrow when we go inside and play in Mod-Podge to preserve the leaves.  It'll be fun!

Thanks for joining me today!


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