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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Blogger Meeting in Fairhope, Hampton Inn, 9:30

I penciled it in on my calendar on the square that represented Wednesday, November 12, when Linda from Coastal Charm extended the invitation...Blogger meeting in Fairhope, Hampton Inn, 9:30.  That would mean an early morning for me, but I was really looking forward to meeting other bloggers from Baldwin County.  I was in Bay Minette for breakfast by 8:00, went by to drop something off to a friend, and then headed on over to Fairhope.  It's quite a drive from my house- at least an hour on a good day, but it's cotton harvesting season in Baldwin County, so I found myself driving down some country roads behind farm equipment a couple of times.  I could have probably walked faster!  I eventually did arrive at the hotel with just a few minutes to spare. 

The Hampton Inn was so warm on cozy on this chilly morning.  The gas lantern at the entrance flickered and everything was beautifully decorated for the season, both inside and out, and that means something to this blogger.  I like for things to be pretty.  

I found my way to the conference room where, within the next few minutes, I met my new friends.  We talked about many different things of interest to bloggers:  search engine optimization... leaving comments on blogs...a possible regional bloggers conference.  Then, we covered events around town...a new antiques store...steampunk art.  The conversations were all over the place, with lots of laughs and giggles sprinkled in.  It was informative, enjoyable, and fun.  Before leaving, we stopped in the lobby to snap this pic. (Thanks for sharing, Kim!)

Pictured from left to right- Kim from CoziNest, me,
Linda from Coastal Charm, Leslie Anne from
Fairhope Supply Co., and Lorraine from Clamco.  
Not pictured is Alan from StumptheLibrarian.com

We enjoyed lunch, with more interesting conversation and laughs, and then went over to check out the new antique mall.  

When we parted ways, I visited the other antiques shops downtown, looking for specific items for my Christmas decor.  I did find a few things and I'll share those treasures soon, but the most valuable things I brought home with me were these cards:

They represent my new blogger friends. (I didn't get one from Leslie Anne- I'll have to get that!)  Be sure to go check out their blogs:

I hope to enjoy many more Southern Bloggers Jubilee meetings, lunches and whatever fun spontaneous things we decide to do together.  I'm looking forward to learning more about the blog world from these new friends, and who knows, maybe one day when I have a few years of blogging behind me, I'll be able to share some fantabulous blog tip with them.  

Thank you Hampton Inn, Fairhope for your hospitality.

If you happen to be planning a trip to the Gulf Coast area, this would be the perfect place to stay.  They are right in the center of town, convenient to the parking garage, and very reasonably priced.  I was impressed and I think you will be, too.  Give them a call or book online, here.

Thanks for joining me today.


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  1. Judy,
    I am glad that you came and joined us for our monthly meeting and I look forward to seeing you again in Fairhope. Looking forward to seeing what you found.


    1. Thank you for the sweet comment, Linda. I'm going to try to get out to your booth at Antiques at the Loop today...Gotta bundle up and get going!

  2. Great photos, it was a wonderful day, wasn't it? And by the way, I passed a card around the table to you, but I guess it got lost on the way. I promise I'll have one especially for you next time!
    So very glad you've joined us!

    1. Thanks for dropping by! I guess someone else needed one of your cards, too...It's okay. I'll get one next time.
      After seeing your post today, I am even more envious than before! Enjoy the next few weeks in your magical, sparkly, fairy-tale town.

  3. Thanks for joining us on Wednesday! It was Great to meet you Judy, and I love your blog. Heading to your Etsy site next. Welcome to Southern Bloggers Jubilee.

    1. Thank you, Alan, for the nice comment. I don't have much on the Etsy site right now...I need to get to work posting some things on there. By the way, I'm loving your blog, too.