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Friday, October 31, 2014

Thrift Store Treasures & Weird Visual Merchandising

I stop by our local thrift store every time I'm in town- have for years now.  Most days, I don't find anything of interest to me- but the thing is, you just never know.  On rare occasions, there's a treasure waiting for me to take home.

Last week, I found this purse.  It's leather (suede), and I'm pretty sure it was never used at all.  The inside looks new and there is no wear on the bottom.  Perfect condition, and the best part was....it was $3!!!  

I have to laugh at their strange looking displays.  

Dress shown on man mannequin...

Dress #2 on man mannequin...
This has to be my favorite...Dress #3.
Yes, they are pretty, feminine dresses, shown on man mannequins.  They have been using these same "men" for years now.   I don't think they fully understand the whole marketing thing... It's totally NOT doing anything to help sell the dresses.  Okay, I understand that maybe these are the only mannequins they have...and it being a thrift store and all, I don't expect them to have Victoria's Secret top quality mannequins or models, but wouldn't a simple hanger at the end of the rack with a dress on it would be so much more attractive than this? Please weigh in on this one.  I'm curious about what you think.  At least I leave the thrift store with a smile on my face...but I'm also shaking my head and wondering, "Why?"....

Now, this piano has been hanging out in there for a couple of months now.  I wish I had room at home for it.  What would I do with it you ask?  What Angie did!  She made a great desk...  Link here.  By the way, I love her blog.  Angie is always (and frequently) posting great projects...Go visit Knick of Time! You can follow her by email if you like what you see. Back to the piano.,,  It's a really decorative one, and it's priced at $125.  Just between us, I'm sure you could get it for less.  They probably would like to move it on out of there.

Well, that's my trip to the thrift store for this week.  If I find any more treasures, I'll be sure to share them.

I love to hear from you, so please drop me a line- especially about those man mannequins!


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