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Monday, June 2, 2014

The Toy Box Runneth Over- Problem Solved!

My nephew, Justin, came to live with us last August, and since we were empty-nesters, it took some re-arranging the house to accommodate our new little guest.  Since I don't have a designated "playroom", I put an antique wood box in the corner of the living space to use as a toy box..   It seemed like that would be the perfect solution, but it never really was.  It was hard for him to lift the heavy top off to get to his toys, and they just got all mixed up in that big box.  I thought that if I put all of the smaller similar toys in gallon sized zip-lock bags, that would help, but the top continues to be a problem.  I had been sort of looking for a solution to the toy problem, because the toy box runneth over, and it's making a mess of my otherwise neat room.  I wanted to fix it so that playtime is fun and easy for him, and it's pretty again for me.

Current toy storage-
So, over the weekend, we were out and about, and I found these great bags at TJ Maxx. They are made of heavy weight canvas, and are available in current trendy colors, which just happen to be the colors in my new living room/kitchen color scheme.  I went to the car and brought in my swatches (see post about that here) to see what would work.  Here are some pics, showing the "process" -

Variety of bags on shelf-

Many patterns and colors-

Teal?  No.

Teal paisley?  No.

Orange?  Yes!

Heavy duty handles-

...and, I think the orange one is the winner!  They had two, so I think the problem is now solved....and, they are just $19.99 each.  If you like them, go check out your local TJ Maxx. Go fast, because once they are gone, who knows if they will get more!

They are now filled with his toys...I think this is going to be so much easier for him to manage. 


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