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Monday, June 23, 2014

Shopping for Tablecloth Fabric

Justin and I hit the road last Friday to spend the day out running errands and trying to complete some things on my "list."  We headed toward the "Eastern Shore" area of the Mobile Bay, which includes the towns of Daphne and Fairhope.  It's always pleasant to just spend the day and take your time when shopping these two charming cities.  The only aggravation is usually the traffic along the main highway, Hwy 98, but the locals all know to take the back roads. Some of the best shopping is located along some of those back roads, such as RichTex Fabrics in Daphne, located on county road 13, near the intersection with county road 64.

I needed to stop by RichTex Fabrics to see if I could find some tablecloth fabric.  Of course they would have something...there are literally hundreds of fabric options available. It's a decorator's dream store full of anything and everything that one would need for making a space beautiful, when it comes to fabrics.  They have drapery, upholstery, indoor and outdoor fabrics- and all of the incidental things one would need as well, such as linings, pillow inserts, and a beautiful assortment of passementerie.  See their website here.  

As we entered the store, we were greeted by friendly staff members, standing ready with scissors in hand! 

They are there to help you if you need help coordinating fabrics, or to cut a sample if that's what you need.  I usually just browse the fabrics with my samples in hand.  (I posted months ago about my "story board" that I keep in the car with me, just for occasions like this.  See that post here.)  When I make my decision, they are happy to cut and wrap the purchase for me.

Considering the fabrics in my story board box above, I knew I wanted a very small scale print, in either the orange (orange and white) or green (green and white)...something very simple and understated.  I will also consider some of the other colors in my swatches, just to make sure I've covered all the possibilities.

So, here are some of the options that I considered.  

I liked this green and white geometric print, but felt the scale of the design was a little larger than what I wanted.  Here it is next to my samples.

The scale of this blue and white print is perfect...this is a good option.  Price is good...

Sometimes it's hard to "see" one particular fabric, because of the distractions of the other fabrics around it.  Try to isolate it to be able to see more clearly in your mind's eye...That always helps me.  There's so much color in a place like this, that it can be overwhelming to actually "see" it. 

Here it is, shown next to my swatches.

Then, I moved on to the orange section.  I'm not seeing anything here that fits the bill.

Turquoise?  Beautiful fabrics, but nothing just "right" for my tablecloth.

Then, I found this fun, whimsical green fabric...It could work.  It seems a little bright at first glimpse, but look at it with the actual swatches with it.

With my swatches hanging over it, I step back and get a better look from a distance.  I think this is it!  And, the price is fabulous!!

So, that's the way I shop when coordinating a room.  It is so simple and fun when you are prepared with your story board or swatches and a great place to shop.  

As much as I love RichTex Fabrics, my little sidekick was ready to leave after a few minutes...just imagine you're three feet tall and put yourself down at that level surrounded by a maze of fabric bolts!  He was such a good sport about it...just dancing around, using his wonderful imagination to turn this place into something more fascinating...I wonder where his mind was taking him...

Fortunately, I'm fast at this kind of shopping and the customer service is great.  We were in there a total of about thirty minutes....

....and, then we were off to visit some more fun and interesting places. I'll share those tomorrow.


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