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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Recycled Up-cycled Storage Jar Tutorial

Yesterday, I mentioned a pickle jar that I had recycled into a storage jar for my homemade laundry detergent, and I promised a tutorial on the recycled jars.  So, let's jump right in!

First, save those food jars!!!  Then you'll need to wash them and remove the labels.  Some labels are more difficult to remove than others...try plain water first.  I let mine soak in warm water, then try to slip them off.  If that doesn't work, I usually just scrape them off with a straight edge while they are soggy from the water bath, then remove the rest of the adhesive with Goo Gone.  I always work on building up my stash of clean jars and when I get several, I work on the project.  I have maybe 10 or 12 waiting in the bin now...

When Hobby Lobby puts the drawer pulls on sale, I stock up.  If you have one certain color scheme or look that you are using, then stock up on those.  I buy a variety because I sell them online in my Etsy shop, JujuQueen.  

You will need to remove the printed words on the lid, if there are any.  I use sandpaper, and just sand until they are gone.  I try to leave some remnants of the paint remaining, just because it gives it some color.  The sanded areas just sort of "age" or "distress" the lids. I sometimes drop alcohol ink in spots to give a lid a little more character...just depends on the look you're after.  You could also rub a permanent ink pad around the edges...

...Then, I measure and find the center.  Put a mark there with a Sharpie marker.  This is where you will drill the hole for the drawer pull.  

Check the diameter of the drawer pull post and use the appropriate size drill bit.  I use my drill press, which gives me a perfectly flat surface to put the lid on while drilling.  

Use Eye Protection

Set the drill bit down onto the mark, check for correct placement, and then drill the hole.

At this point, I always use my Dremel tool with a sanding attachment and sand the hole, so that it's smooth.

Put the drawer pull into the hole to check for fit.  Then figure out how much you need to cut off, as the posts are always too long for this project.  You don't want any more than 1/4" of threaded post extending down on the inside of the lid.  Put a mark with the Sharpie pen where it needs to be cut.

Using a cutting wheel attachment for the Dremel tool, I cut through the threaded post.  This takes maybe five minutes to get through, so don't get impatient!  FYI, my husband tells me that he has tools that would do the job much faster in his shop, but this is my project, and I don't like to ask for help...so, maybe you will want to use a different method of cutting.  I can't tell you what tool he would have used, because I didn't ask...

After cutting, I use the end of the same grinding wheel to file and polish the end of the post. Now, put the pull back into the hole in the lid, and add the washer, then the nut.  Tighten.

That's it.  

You can use your imagination to decorate or embellish the jars any way your heart desires!  I like to keep mine simple, so that the contents can show off.  

Speaking of contents...Use these jars in the pantry for candy, nuts, cookies, spice mixes, herbs, sugar, coffee, tea, marshmallows, pasta, rice, dry beans, etc.

In the laundry room they can be used for detergent, dryer sheets, clothespins, as a catch-bin for found objects in washer and dryer, etc.

I use them in the bathroom to hold things on the vanity...Q-tips, etc.

In the craft room use them for glitter, buttons, jewelry elements, pens and pencils, ribbon and lace bits, sea glass, seashells, dominoes, scrabble tiles, glass nuggets, beads, etc.

I would not use them in a child's room, for safety reasons... bad things could happen if they were to break.

Here are some of my up-cycled, recycled, saved from the landfill, trash to treasure jars:

This jar is listed in the shop...click here.

This jar is listed in the shop...click here.

Listed in the shop here.

This one is listed here.

Most of these are listed in the shop, JujuQueen.  If you would like to make a special request for your decor, just e-mail me and we can talk.  

I hope everyone is having a great summer!  I plan to get our and do something fun in the next couple of days...I looking forward to some time to just play...I'll see you when I return.


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