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Monday, June 30, 2014

Justin's New Bed in Blue Chalk Paint

It's been a crazy kind of week at the Pimperl house!  Several of us (including me) have had summer colds...lots of stuffy noses and coughing- things that keeps you up at night.  We are finally getting to the point where we feel like joining the world again, so I thought I would share some of the projects that I have been working on the last few weeks.   

Justin's bed was a project that I started about a month ago.  I finished it in just a week or so, but the pictures have just been hanging out in the camera waiting for editing.  I am really proud of the way the little bed turned out, and he just loves it!  So, that appreciation from this six-year-old makes it one of my favorite projects ever.  Makes my heart smile every time he tells me, "Tia, I LOVE my bed!"  

When I found it in the antiques mall, it was black, like this.  I really liked the look, but it just wouldn't work in our mermaid room...It would need to be painted.  I wanted to use chalk paint in a dark blue that would coordinate with the bedding that we already have on our bed.  I was hoping that I could find bedding to fit this little bed to coordinate with ours.  So, before I mixed anything, I went shopping to see what I could find. 

The colors don't look perfectly matched in the photo, but in reality, they are the same...crazy camera!!!  I carried a pillow sham with me when I went shopping, just to make sure.

I then needed to mix my paint, now that I was sure the dark blue would work.  So, using a pillow sham from our bed as my guide, I mixed my chalk paint.  

I wondered if I could use craft paint to make chalk paint...You sometimes just need to try and see if it works.  I did, and it did.  When you think about it, the water-based paints are all just latex or acrylic, which means, they dry into a sort of plastic.  I used the recipe (that calls for latex paint, which I substituted with craft paint) that can be found on Pinterest, and mixed it in a small glass jar so that I would have enough to complete the project.  It's always better to have some left over than to not have enough and have to try to remix an exact match to a custom paint. Here are the products I used...Craft Smart and Hobby Lobby's brand acrylic paint, plaster of paris, and water.  
(2 cups paint, 2 T Plaster of Paris, and 3 or 4 T cool water.)  Just mix well and it should go on smoothly.  If it is too thick, just add more water as needed.

...mixed a little of this color, a little of that color...

...until it looked right.

Then I started painting.

After two coats of paint, I painted a little white line as a detail, and then I distressed.

Here it is checking to see if the color is perfect...It is.

I then waxed the bed with CeCe Caldwell's clear wax.

We then went mattress shopping, and found just what we needed at Sam's Club.  

Now that we had everything we needed, we were ready to set it up and crawl in to the new little comfy bed!

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you will remember the "bed" that I painted on the wall of this room...It looked like this.  The bed was centered between the lanterns on the wall.

I had to paint over the bed with more of the yellow wall color to "erase" it.

I brought down a painting from the studio and hung it where the fake headboard had been. Even though it isn't a mermaid piece, it sort of goes.  It's a marsh bird, and we live near the delta and the beach, so these birds (and mermaids) are commonly seen together in our area.

Our bed is now centered under the window, facing out the patio doors to the porch.  

Justin is happy with the new arrangement and we are, too.  

*For those of you wondering why we  have a six-year-old in our room with us, let me explain. He is our nephew, here from South America, staying with us to get medical treatment for cystic fibrosis.  When he has a cf flare-up, it usually begins at night with a cough.  I just feel better having him where I can hear him if he has trouble, and our other bedrooms are upstairs.  I did give him the choice, though...he said it was "scary" up there, and he wanted to stay with us...

Also, I should tell you that I ended up not using the mixed-media art piece that I had made for Justin, to hang above his bed, the one that I shared here. It was just too small when I hung it. Sometimes things evolve as I am putting a room together; they don't always go according to my original plans.  That piece will be listed in the shop.

I will share other recent projects over the next few days.

Thanks for stopping by!  I love having you.


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  1. I am working on my sons room. I like doing boy things. Seems like blogs are full of girly designs and decorating. I think the bed(s) look really nice. I don't blame you for keeping him close with you. I wouldn't want him far away either. I hope all goes well with his treatments.

    1. Hi Michal! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. You are absolutely right about most online decorating projects being girly, especially with the trends nowadays in French furniture with the white paints. This project was fun and very simple...I think that's the key for boy decor...just keep it simple and they can grow with it. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  2. First time visiting your blog. Sweet headboard. Love the shape, the details, the color. Sorry you had to erase the painted headboard;it looked great. Love the room and the colors. Hope all goes well with your nephew's treatment.

  3. Hi Leonie! Thanks so much for the sweet comment! I appreciate you visiting my blog and hope you will come back again!

  4. You did a beautiful job. Close quarters are good too! I would be the same way.
    Smiles, Alice

    1. Thank you Alice! I appreciate you taking time to leave the comment, and I hope you'll come back to visit soon!