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Saturday, May 24, 2014

DIY Ideas for Scrap Fabric

As I've been cleaning and organizing, I've come across a lot of fabric, just small pieces, that I don't want to just throw out.  I thought they must be good for something, so I started thinking... 

Project #1 

I LOVE the Bohemian, Gypsy style of almost anything, and naturally, these items are usually comprised of fun crazy mixed-up fabrics and materials.  So, I decided I would start designing some "Gypsy" bags using what I could find in the studio.  I'm not going to go out and buy anything- just using what I already have.  I am even cutting up some thrift store finds that I bought just because I liked the fabrics!  I will also add elements from my stash of vintage laces, buttons, crystals, ribbons, and whatever I find that feels right. Oh, and these ribbon roses that I found a while back at Hobby Lobby, on clearance, in the scrapbooking section- I will definitely use them!

Here are the bags that I've now designed and cut.  Keep in mind though, these are just the preliminary designs...I'm sure they will evolve as I start sewing them all together...adding a little something here, taking away something there...Anyway, here is the beginning.

Bag #1

Bag #1 Detail

Bag #2

Bag #2 Detail

Bag #3

Bag #3 Detail

Bag #4

Bag #4 Detail

Bag #5

Bag #5 Detail

Now that I'm looking at them all together here, they really look and feel like fall!  Maybe I'll have them all sewn together by then!  

Project #2

And, for the scraps of fabric that were REALLY small, I decided to make pin cushions.  This idea is not mine, originally.  I don't remember where, but years ago, I saw some somewhere that were done in a real shabby chic look- lots of beige lace.  I already have a lot of little Jello molds, so I think I'm in business.  I just need enough fabric to be able to cut a 5" circle...and even if you don't need a pin cushion- just hang with me- there's another really cute use for them, too!  I'll share that at the end.

Various fabric circles...

With a needle and some thread, just make
a running stitch around the perimeter
of the circle, about 1/4" or so from the edge.

Once the stitching is complete, start pulling
the thread to gather the circle into a "poof" shape.
As it gathers, start filling with fiberfill stuffing.

Once you have it fully stuffed, pull the threads
so that everything is closed and sew it with
several stitches to hold it together.  Tie the
thread off with several knots.

Once it was sewn, I just used hot glue to attach it
to the mold, and that's it!  Here is the finished little
pin cushion...

...with pins!

Here it is holding a ring!  That was the
surprise use that I promised back at the
beginning.  Can't you just imagine one of
these at the kitchen sink?  What a cute
little piece to hold your ring when you 
need to take it off.

Shown with one of my button rings...

...and, another pin cushion with another
button ring...

Well, this is what I did with my fabric scraps!  I still need to sew the bags, and I'll share those when they are finished.  And, I now have about ten little pin cushions.  I will save them for a sale that I'm planning in the fall.

What do you do with yours leftover fabric?  I would love to hear from you with your ideas.
Thanks for stopping by to see what I was playing in today!


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