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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Bag of Junk Jewelry & Orphaned Earrings

At random times, my friend Dorothy has been known to hand me a bag of junk jewelry.  You see, Dorothy makes wonderful hats and purses, and she picks up jewelry at yard sales and estate sales to incorporate into the designs of her lovely pieces.  

My friend, Dorothy Parker and her hats-
She then gives the leftover bits and pieces to me, to use in my mixed-media work.  I usually begin by deconstructing the pieces.  Then I dig through and see what pops into my mind.

There was this one hoop earring, yes, just one.  I'm assuming it was an orphan, and that's why it was in the discarded mass of metal, plastic and glass...as there appeared to be nothing wrong with it, except for the obvious missing partner.  I immediately saw a bracelet...it was a really BIG earring!  And, I have really tiny wrists, but, it could actually be adjustable, by just opening it up and then squeezing it back together once it's on the arm...So, I grabbed my snips and cut the earring post and a little flat piece off.  I then pulled out the little Dremel tool and grinding wheel attachment, and ground down the end of the earring to match the other side.  Now that it was nice and smooth, it looked more like a bracelet.   Next, I topped a rusty, trashy washer (found in the parking lot of Wal-mart) with a beautiful, perfect pearl bead, and put a head pin through the hole in the pearl.  I snipped the head pin off to be even on the back and glued it to a round magnet with E-6000.  That's it!  It now just "sticks" to the bracelet when I want to wear it this way.  I plan to make interchangeable pieces with other magnets now- I'm thinking maybe buttons?  

This was one of the most simple projects ever!  Don't throw out those "orphaned" earrings...think outside of the box and imagine what they could be.

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  1. This earring/bracelet turned out adorably! What a creative eye you have for upcycyling these old jewelry pieces.