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Sunday, May 4, 2014

60% Off Sunday & A Date With Hubby

We don't get many days like today around here to just relax and play- a low key Sunday morning, sleeping in, late breakfast at Cracker Barrel, then over the bay to the Olde Mobile Estate Sale once again.  Today is 60% off day, and I don't usually make it over there two days in one weekend- I'm hoping there is still something interesting to see.  It's usually all picked over by Sunday...but, as I was driving in, I met a familiar car coming out- It was a couple of friends from Bay Minette, Karen (Karen's Kandies) and her sister, Beth (Seasons Cafe)...they told me there was still some good stuff left, so I was hopeful...

And, here is what I found with my name on it!  Once again, just like on Friday, I don't know why I was drawn to these dishes, as they are not my style, but I just love them.  And since I had John with me this time, I showed them to him and he said, "Well, maybe it's time for a change!"  So with that, I picked them up.  And, I think I am going to actually be able to use them.  I played around with them a little bit when I got home, and they actually worked quite well with my white dishes and depression "iris & herringbone" glasses.  

Now, don't get me wrong...I will still use my beloved restaurant dishes that I've collected and used for a looongg time.  These will be my "fancy" dishes.

One thing to remember though- even though they were 60% off, it's good to do your research and make sure it's a good deal.  These plates were marked $10 each on Friday, and they were still here Sunday, sooo, I figured I should check and see what they are worth.  My "go to" source for china is www.replacements.com.  As it turns out, these little plates can be purchased from them for $7.99 each.  Today they were $4.00, so I'm good with that, but I'm glad I didn't buy them on Friday!  I also bought the little dessert bowls too.  Don't you just love the shape of the plate?  I thought it was unusual.  Pattern is Casino by Noritake.


After our purchase there, we decided to run over to The Brother's Gallery, just around the corner.  They do estate sales and auctions, and have some very interesting pieces from time to time.  

It's rare to have my hubby, John, joining me when I'm out and about-  We enjoy our rare "dates"- yes we do- even after twenty nine years...

Here are some pics that I shot while we were browsing.

This fabulous old cash register was marked "sold" to some lucky buyer.

They do a nice job merchandising to make things look pretty.

Anyone need a Mardi Gras mask?

...or a ball gown?

And, I'm saving the best of The Brother's Antiques for last...

Is this beautiful or what?  I'm showing the detail first, because it's just gorgeous!

It's a wash stand from a ship/boat that came from a local estate.  The water basin, with the beautiful detail, tips over and the water runs out of the spout and into the sink bowl...The face detail is under the spout.  There is a mirror at the top that is adjustable, and the little brass bars hold the towels and washcloths in place when the top is closed.  

              This is the basin that catches the waste water below the sink.  It is even pretty!

I have been antiquing and attending estate sales and auctions for over thirty years, and I have never seen anything quite like this.  It is in perfect condition except for some cracks in the sink bowl...It is definitely a rare find and is going to be perfect for someone...they just have to find it. But, I have to tell you a secret- The brother that I spoke with today is sort of attached to it..


From there, we headed over to Panera Bread.  

Decisions, decisions...

...I went with the cherry pastry and some flavored iced tea.

And that wrapped up our fun date today- Really enjoyed the time with my hubby.


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