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Friday, April 4, 2014

Mandarin Orange Pop

The area around the pool table needed a little color, and since I am slowly working to update my living area with my new color scheme...

I decided to get some mandarin orange spray paint and add that needed pop of brightness to that dark corner of the room.  I had picked up an iron table base a while back at Dirt Cheap. It was missing the top, but that's an easy fix. I will just use a glass tabletop.  This part of the space is a little on the traditional side, so I think the orange iron with glass is just the contemporary touch that will make it work with the rest of my eclectic space.

Our traditional pool table...

Table Base- Before  

Table Base- After

I LOVE the paint...it's so shiny and contemporary feeling!  Here is what I used:

Since the glass on metal would slip and slide, I needed to put something on the metal that would grip the glass.  I had tried the little clear bumper pads with sticky backs before (in a similar application), and the glue didn't stick very well, so the little pads didn't stay in place. I decided to try poly tubing that is sold in the plumbing section of the hardware store.  I bought a foot of it and brought it home.  I cut three pieces, each about 3" in length.  Then I split the tubes lengthwise, opened it up a little and slipped it over each top piece where the glass will rest.

Looks like this is going to work!

Now, for the top...
I have two options for round pieces of glass that I already have around the house.

Option #1 is a piece of glass with
a wood frame around it...

Option #2 is just plain thick glass
with polished edges.

I felt like #1 looked like two totally separate pieces that had just been thrown together...just didn't work...and, I am trying to add something that is not traditional, so I think the wood needs to go.  I decided to go with #2, as it just looked more like a complete thought, and it feels right.

Now, that area of the room sort of goes with the rest of the space.  I will put a couple of throw pillows on the church pew (that is situated alongside the pool table), and that will complete that part of the room.

I am just about at the end of this redecorating project...I will share the entire space soon.

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