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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Caring for Children & Eye Candy

If a child must be sick, this is the place to be.  The doctors and nurses here truly care for children, and they go out of their way to make their stay as pleasant as possible; I highly recommend Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children, the new hospital that opened in 2012.  It is located on the UAB campus in downtown Birmingham, and we have a room on the 10th floor. We get a beautiful view of the city down below, to include the new Regions field, home of the Birmingham Barons, where you can occasionally catch a glimpse of some baseball action.  

Now, the eye candy-  I was able to get out and about for a few minutes today, so I took a walk with camera in hand.  The art collection here is truly amazing, and the pictures don't do it justice. It is so much cooler in person!  Of course, I'm a nut for art, so I actually enjoy the mile long walk to the cafeteria...okay, it's probably not really that far, but I think I do cross over a couple of city blocks!  Anyway, here we go.  Enjoy, and remember the hospital is HUGE, so this is just scratching the surface!

Here is a view of the exterior of the main tower, looking through a window of a crosswalk on the second floor.

The actual floor is artwork!  Second floor is the way around from place to place- it's known as "Main Street" and you follow the "river" around to different locations.

...and the seating all along the way is whimsical and fun!

The chapel and meditation room features beautiful stained glass and mosaic work.

Here is a waiting area that features a great triptych art piece.

This fabulous rotating sculpture hangs in the lobby at Children's Harbor.  It reaches down three floors!

This orange piece on the left wall is located at the main entrance and is huge!  It is so shiny, I initially thought it looked like fused glass, but upon closer inspection, I've determined that it is not glass- but, I'm not sure what it is!  One thing I am sure of, is that it is great!

Up close-

A fun light fixture art piece, also in main lobby area-

...and I found this bunny hanging out in an outside space.

...and now, some two dimensional art-

This mural is by Tres Taylor, a Birmingham artist that is becoming well recognized in the state and beyond.  This piece is house paint and acrylic on tar paper.

...and this is the sweet reason I'm hanging out here!


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  1. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Hi Judy! Just a little note to say hi and thanks for coming by!
    I always appreciate comments, as they lead me to beautiful blogs like this one . . . and I get to meet more neat bloggers :0)
    I enjoyed seeing the photos of the hospital. It's beautiful! I hope that your son is doing well. Sending happy and positive thoughts your way.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

    1. Thank you Suzanne, and I appreciate you coming by as well!