Words of late artist Frank Howell...I totally relate!

"There are few days off and no retirement from this entanglement of knowledge, passion and vision that will be molded and converted into creative expression. There are no guarantees of acceptance, understanding or reward, but...the noise inside the mind never ceases. I will paint today, tonight and for as many tomorrows as I am given..." Words of the late artist Frank Howell...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Fun Find and Flowers

Last Saturday at the Art Party, several vendors were set up with yard sale items, sold to raise funds for various different non-profits and causes.  I made my way around to each one and picked up a couple of fun finds.

My favorite find was this granite ware muffin tin, the vintage gray enameled baking ware from days gone by. It has definitely seem some use, as some of the enamel is chipped off here and there- but I still see beauty and plenty of life left in this wonderful little piece.  Of course, it could still be used for baking muffins, but since I don't bake very much anymore, I think it will serve me better in the studio. 

It has a hole in one end, so it could easily be hung on the wall, and used as a magnet memo board...

Shown with some of my fun magnets...

The two magnets above were made by my friend, Connie Sibley Gordon, using old earrings...

...and this pottery one was made by another friend, Brenda G. Anderson.

I think the magnets look great with the old muffin tin, don't you?


Or, I could just use it like this...

...as another organizer for my thousands of buttons that I use in jewelry, mixed-media art and sewing projects.  I love the way the colors look against the gray.

And, the best part of the story is that the price tag on the pan was $1.


Today, it's really beginning to feel like spring...while taking a walk around the yard, I'm seeing pretty things starting to pop up and bloom out.  Take a look-

Looks like I should get out there and replenish the pine straw in my beds...all of the new spring green makes it look really dry and crunchy!


Thanks for dropping in today.


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    1. Thank you Brenda! It's easy to be creative when I have wonderful things like this to work with...I LOVE your magnets.