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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Coffee Bar at Home?

If you drink as much coffee as we do at our house, and can’t afford to be traipsing off to the coffee house everyday, a coffee bar makes sense.  Sure, a simple coffee maker, with just some cream and sugar available nearby would suffice, but why not turn it into a celebration? We LOVE our coffee, and I like to dress it up and make it something special on a daily basis. When you can take  something as simple as drinking a cup of coffee, and make it spectacular and aesthetically pleasing, why not?  And, I have some tricks to make it pleasing to the palette as well.  Let me show you.

First, I should say that we have not purchased one of the single serving, individual cups of coffee makers…and I don’t know that I will.  Like they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  We are fine with our drip coffee maker, with some good gourmet coffee.  I do have a small espresso and cappuccino maker if we need to use it, but that's on very rare occasions. Now, that I have that out of the way; let me show you how we do it at our house.

This fabulous vintage jar ..."One lb. net Garland
brand vacuum packed 100% pure coffee, Batterton COFFEE
Co., Birmingham, Ala."
It's special to me because it was a gift from my sister-in-law,
who knew I would love it , as I am originally from the
Birmingham area.

I always use flavored coffee.  Sometimes I grind it myself, but oftentimes, I buy it already ground.  I sort of sniff the bag and see if it smells good.  Some batches are better than others, so it varies from day to day and with different suppliers.  You can also just buy a good regular roasted coffee and add flavorings to it if you wish.  I know most people are not like us, drinking only flavored coffees.  **An exception to my flavored coffee rule is when I am lucky enough to get a bag of really fresh, straight off the plane coffee, from my sister-in-law in Colombia, South America- home grown and roasted…then, I don’t dare add anything to it. It’s amazing just as it is, and you will never taste a smoother cup of coffee than that.

We generally set the little clock on our coffee maker and wake up to the smell of brewing coffee…in our bedroom.  Yes, we have a coffee bar in the bedroom.  I did say that we LOVE our coffee.  And, we have sort of turned it into a ritual of sorts.  It’s mine and John’s “together time” before we start our day.  We really enjoy our sitting in the bed coffee drinking conversations.  If more people took the time to do something as simple as this, there would probably be less marriage counseling needed!  A bedroom coffee bar can be a very simple cabinet with the coffee maker and all of the fixings nearby.  You don’t even have to have the sink- you could simply bring in a jug of water and set it up that way.  I knew I wanted the coffee bar before we built the house, so I designed it in the plans.  I used a little bar sink and faucet, set it into a regular bathroom vanity, and used a small wall cabinet (I think it’s supposed to go above a toilet) above to hold the necessary things- bag of coffee, more sugar, filters, etc.  I then painted everything to match, using chalk paint, and embellished it with fun decorations that fit in with the theme of our bedroom- Seaside and mermaids.  I put a cafeteria serving tray (from a restaurant supply store) under the coffee maker to catch any spills, as I didn’t want the white Corian counter top stained.  If you really wanted to get fancy, you could add a little refrigerator.  I didn’t make that addition, because we don’t use cream in our coffee in the morning, so there was no need for one.  Now, doesn’t this look like a pleasant way to start a day?

Of course, the coffee bar had to be decorated too!

One of my paintings hangs over the coffee bar.
This one is not listed in JujuQueen on Etsy,
but, as with any of my work, if you like it and
would like more information, just email me.

During the day and in the evenings, we make our coffee in the kitchen, like normal people!  I still love to set up a coffee making station with the necessary accoutrements here as well.

I found a little green shelf  at a local antique mall (it is not old) that is
perfect for my kitchen counter top coffee bar!

We like cream in our coffee in the evening, making it a little more special with extra fat and calories!  I love to keep heavy whipping cream in the refrigerator.  I whip it up with some powdered sugar and a little flavoring (almond, vanilla, or whatever) and float a dollop on the top, and I keep a little sprinkle jar of chocolate nearby to finish it off. 

If it’s after 5:00 o’clock ;), you might want to add some Bailey’s Irish cream instead.

You could also sprinkle cinnamon on top.  Just make sure that your embellishments enhance the flavor of your coffee.  

Here is a link to a Pinterest board that I created, showing coffee bars that I pinned from other pinners.  This board is meant to represent possibilities.  Maybe you will see something here that inspires you.

There are many DIY coffee recipes online, so why not save yourself some $$$ and set up your own coffee bar at home?  Start a new celebration or tradition…it‘s just another touch that helps make a house a home!  I feel a coffee break coming on…so, if you will excuse me....

Thanks for stopping by today- I wish we could actually enjoy a real cup of coffee together! Oh well-  go get yourself a cup of coffee and I will see you again in a few days!  Enjoy!


  1. I love the idea of a coffee bar at home and am putting one together for my own kitchen. Thanks for sharing and blessings to you. Patti

    1. Thank you for dropping by Patti, and I know you're going to LOVE your coffee bar!