Words of late artist Frank Howell...I totally relate!

"There are few days off and no retirement from this entanglement of knowledge, passion and vision that will be molded and converted into creative expression. There are no guarantees of acceptance, understanding or reward, but...the noise inside the mind never ceases. I will paint today, tonight and for as many tomorrows as I am given..." Words of the late artist Frank Howell...

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Blue Wicker Table finds a place to live

A while back, I told you about a wicker table that I had found at our local thrift store...

It was black for a while...but, with the
new look, it needed to be blue.

Getting the makeover...

It has been finished for a few weeks now, and I'm playing around with placement to see where things want to live.  Of course, nothing is ever permanently placed in my house...

John jokes that it's not safe to get up and walk around in the house in the dark, because things have a way of moving frequently and it's easy to fall over something that wasn't there yesterday.  I must say, it is more than a joke...it's the truth!  

I do believe the table has found a home for now...right by the front door, and next to the red vintage platform chair that I love and use all the time.  It's a nice place to put down keys and purses as you come inside, and perfect for a cup of coffee when I'm sitting in the chair blogging.   I'm keeping the red chair here for now, until I get the vintage one back from the upholsterer.  This red one still works with my new color story, and I plan to keep the red clock on the wall.  But, that's it for the red...I can get away with just a little.  

The red clock came from the home of my parents.  It was a gift from us kids to them back during the eighties, and the case was a stained wood...hmmm...old fashioned and dated looking, but I wanted the clock for sentimental reasons.  John thought I was crazy when I got out the red paint, but he's okay with it now.  Sometimes you just gotta be brave and bold when it comes to color!

Now, the blue table needs accessories- the fun part!  For her everyday look, she will be adorned with the silver tray and oranges with the white candle, like pictured above...But, Easter is coming, and I'm pulling bunnies and chicks and eggs out from everywhere, so here is the Easter look.  I really would like to put a green plant on the table in the back to give height and soften it a bit, but I have cats.  And, let's just say I've tried everything on that subject.  I've just learned to live without plants.

The paper mache rabbit is a fun little piece that I've had forever.  He always finds his place on a table somewhere holding candy eggs.  If you look carefully, you will see that I only used the colors of eggs that matched, and everyone knows the purpose of candy is to be used as decorative accessories.  Right?  Those pink ones just didn't work.  They are still in  the pantry for when I get a chocolate craving.  And, the rabbit is sitting on a paper doily.  I use them for everything, and in this case, it's used to provide contrast between the rabbit and the wood stained tabletop.  Without it, he would just visually blend right in with the table...Of course, you could use a real doily or book or any number of things...just get creative and try things.  I just like to think "outside of the box" and if it's a bit quirky, that is fine.  It's a reflection of me.

You are probably wondering why I don't have curtains in the space.  I have had many sets of curtains up over the years, and it always seemed such a shame to cover up these pretty details that I had incorporated into the window trim...so, this time around, I opted for no curtains.  I just have the bamboo blinds to filter out the bright morning sun, and most of the time we keep the blinds open.  I love the bright airy feeling that comes with that!  And, we live in the woods, so we don't have to worry about nosy neighbors. 

Well that's an update on my re-decorating project- I make little steps that seem like progress every couple of weeks, but at least I'm moving in the right direction.

Now, a sneak peak at what I'm hoping to work on tomorrow...if it warms up enough to spray paint outside..and doesn't rain.

Do you know what it is?
Time to make dinner.  Thanks for visiting, and I hope you stop back by tomorrow to see what I do with the mystery item.



  1. That is a very nice color blue!

    The last piece: is it an umbrella stand? It looks neat.

  2. Thank you Tyler. The color is Santa Fe Turquoise, chalk paint by CeCe Caldwell. It's a bright happy blue!
    And...the mystery piece. No, it is a vintage ashtray stand, but it would make a great umbrella stand! Thanks for playing along.