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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Second Soy Candle Making Session

I shared my first candle making attempt with you a couple of weeks ago.  I was a little disappointed with the lack of scent in the first batch.  Taking what I learned then, I decided to add an entire little bottle of the candle scent from Hobby Lobby to 32 ounces (measured into a liquid measuring cup that is microwave safe) of soy candle flakes, then I could figure out if it needed that much, or if I needed to further tweak the recipe. I used cappuccino and strawberry for my second and third experimental pours.  I am much happier with the throw of scent now, but that is a lot of scent to have to add to the mix to make just four small candles!  I need to figure out what my actual cost was for making them- I'm sure I must be saving $$$, but I want to be sure, so I'll do the math when I get a minute. 

*Note:  32 ounces of flakes, melts down to make approximately 16 ounces of finished candles.  I made 2-4.5 oz. ones and 2-3.5 oz. ones.

This time, I made my own wicks from a package of wick string and the little metal holders.  I just used jewelry making tools to crimp the wick into place.  It was a simple thing, and a way to save a little $$$.  The wick string comes in different sizes, so you will need to use the correct size for the diameter of the candles you are making.

I made little tiny simple tags so that I could mark each candle for scent.  I just printed them out with  the computer and printer, and cut them with a paper cutter to get them perfectly straight.  

In conclusion, I will say that it was a much more enjoyable process this time around since I had already made them before; the process wasn't so foreign to me, and I didn't have to keep stopping and reading instructions.  Whether or not it's a money saving, thrifty way to have soy candles, I will probably make them again.  It's just a fun craft!  And, I will always be looking for containers that can be candle holders when I'm out junking.

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