Words of late artist Frank Howell...I totally relate!

"There are few days off and no retirement from this entanglement of knowledge, passion and vision that will be molded and converted into creative expression. There are no guarantees of acceptance, understanding or reward, but...the noise inside the mind never ceases. I will paint today, tonight and for as many tomorrows as I am given..." Words of the late artist Frank Howell...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Apologies to Subscribers

It has been brought to my attention that my posts are not making it to the e-mail in-boxes of subscribers.  I thought the problem had been resolved a couple of weeks ago, but apparently not.  I have been troubleshooting for hours now and I can't seem to find a problem on my side of things.  My settings are good, and everything is working as it should from my end.  I subscribed to my own blog so that it would send me an e-mail when I make a new entry and I can therefore see what you receive...and, I have not received anything.  In my research, I am seeing many other bloggers who use "blogger", and "feedburner" having the same problem...It's hard to track down exactly where things are breaking down, but it is either with feedburner not sending out the posts, or with certain ISPs not letting them in.  It is a free service, so.....

If you want to follow my posts, please just follow the links that I put on my facebook blog page
(Judy Hanks Pimperl Jujuqueen), where many of you are reading this now, and would you please leave a comment here letting me know whether or not you have received any e-mail notifications on blog updates...that way, I can get a better picture of what is happening.  

 If I decide to change things, I will let you know here.

Thanks for following!

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